Finding the perfect suit or tuxedo for your groom & groomsmen has never been easier.

Partner with us to get your 5 free swatches shipped right to your door,



  • A Free Home Try-On

  • Over 100 Colors to Choose From

  • Guarantee a Perfect Fit

  • Fast & Easy Delivery To Your Door

  • 5 Rentals, Get One Free!

  • Free Roundtrip Shipping


Choose from over 100 colors & guarantee the perfect fit without ever leaving home.







Trying to match a bowtie to a bridesmaid dress? We’ve got you covered. We understand seeing and feeling the fabric is important, that’s why we’ll deliver swatches to your door, at no charge. Choose your colors and find your perfect look.







We understand style. With over 25 Merino wool suit and tuxedo styles in modern and slim designs, thousands of color accessories and a full range of sizes, you are guaranteed to find the perfect wedding look for your special day.







Whether it’s a groomsman, wedding party member, or an old friend, your paid members can qualify you for a free rental! When five or more people in your party rent a suit or tuxedo, the groom or wedding couple qualifies for a free rental





Get it early. Convenient returns.


Unlike store rentals, which require you to pick up your wedding suit or tux the day before your wedding, your party will receive your orders 14 days before your event.

The early delivery allows plenty of time to try on your garments. Should anything not fit to your preference, we will expedite free replacements to your door, no exchanges necessary. After your event, place all of your rental items in the prepaid return bag included with your order and drop it off at your nearest UPS Store location. It’s not due back for 3 days, no reason to rush. It’s that simple.

Renting your wedding suit has never easier.

No store visits. No picking up the suit or tux the day before your event. No dropping off the garments the day after. No ill-fitting garments, and best of all, no last-minute stress. Here's how it works:

  1. Design your look
  2. Easy online fitting
  3. Get your order 14 days before your event
  4. Return within 3 days after your event

That's it! When you rent with us, you get free shipping and delivery 14 days before your event, free replacements, and pre-paid returns.

Generation Tux

At Generation Tux, we believe that life’s most special events should involve high-quality, convenient, and affordable options for men’s formalwear. We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on the perfect look because a style is out of stock or out of your price range.


After over 40 years of experience at Men’s Wearhouse, our founder George Zimmer was ready to shake up the men’s fashion industry with an innovative way to rent. In today’s market, the convenience of online options is hard to beat. That’s why Generation Tux offers everything you could possibly need to get your perfect formalwear look - from fit to delivery- all from the comfort of your own home.


Starting with building your style from our collection of 25+ suits/tuxedos and hundreds of accessories, to ordering free color swatch cards, free home try-on, choosing the perfect fit, and getting your whole outfit - all without ever leaving your couch.


We’ve overhauled and improved every aspect of the men’s fashion rental experience to make sure you look and feel amazing.