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The AdoreBrideBox


Shop from H O M E for your perfect dress, for as little as $99!




Hey Bride-to-Be! We created the AdoreBrideBox just for you - an in-home bridal try on experience sure to find the wedding dress you Adore!


All from the comfort of your own home, our simple process will give you our special bridal boutique experience, and help you check this big task off your list! Many brides are planning their weddings amidst the of uncertainty of COVID-19, and your wedding dress is not something you want to settle on or wait for! We recommend ordering your dress 9-12 months before your wedding to allow for shipping time and alterations.


Haven’t found your wedding dress? No worries! We have two types of services available, the first is adding a $99 styling fee to any delivery method of your box. You will have a dedicated personal stylist appointment [live via video chat!] while you try on your gowns and your very own video call link to send to your whole crew so they can all be there for that special #sayyes moment! We will answer questions about fit, style, color and everything in between. Also, tell your crew to get ready for some fun games during the in between time while you are changing from dress to dress!


The second option is a self service option with pricing based on delivery method, this includes specially chosen gowns based on your style and accessories to make you feel like a bride. Basically all the pretty things shipped to you, without the stylist or hosted video call with your crew. The options to get your box are:

📦 $99 for curbside pick up at our location in Morton, IL

📦 $199 for our Illinois brides

📦 $299 for our out-of-state brides


No matter which styling option you choose, your styling and delivery fee will be credited to your purchase! Try on at home with #adorebridebox!


Our exclusive AdoreBrideBox service can help you easily check this task off your list in just a few easy (and fun!) steps!






Frequently Asked Questions

We work with each bride individually to curate the perfect box. This means we spend a lot of time with you to make sure your box is perfection and you are beyond excited about it! We have never had a bride not happy with the dresses that are arriving in her box and once you receive your preview, you have the opportunity to say no to any dresses you aren’t feeling and switch them out with other choices. Because of all of this, we do need payment for the box up front. But we will make you this promise….if you do not love any of the dresses that we send you, we will refund you the box and styling fees….and we have never had to do that! :)

Yes! Starting May 1st, the Illinois state governor has allowed for pick-up and drop-off at our Morton, IL location! If you are not local, or would rather have your box shipped to you, read on!


If you would like to pick up your box, a fee of $99 reserves your box, and will be credited toward the purchase of your wedding dress!
Our AdoreBrideBoxes can be shipped in the state of Illinois for $199. Our boxes can now be shipped outside of the state of Illinois as well for $299. 


It’s important to stay on top of your wedding timeline and we can help! Whichever shipping option you choose, all shipping fees are credited toward your final purchase!

Unfortunately, we are unable to serve individuals under the age of 18.

Our AdoreBrideBox is a service for brides who are unable to shop in our physical location.


Our fun sign-up process will take you through style questions so we can understand how you want to look and feel on your big day! Once you sign up and purchase your box, we will place you with a stylist who will learn about your bridal needs, starting first with a short chat and then hand-select gowns & pieces to send in your box!


You’ll receive communication from your stylist with a digital preview of your items, approve the items you wish to receive or remove any items that just don’t fit your vision.


Utilizing your feedback, your stylist will replace any items you removed and ship your box. Once it arrives at your door, you’ll have 3 days to try everything on. 


There are a few options for how your try-on time can go.


Upgrade to our virtual appointments to bring our boutique bridal experience right to your home, we will schedule a time within the 3 days that your AdoreBrideBox is with you. For $99, you'll get our famous one-on-one experience...from home!
(Remember, this virtual appointment fee will be credited toward your purchase!)


✨ You'll get a one-on-one video call with our bridal stylist - she'll help answer any of those on-the-spot questions you have during your try-on!
✨ You'll receive a custom video call link to send to all those close friends & family that would have normally come into the store with you when you said yes!
✨ One of our signature "I said Yes to the Dress" signs will be included in your AdoreBrideBox
✨ Your crew will get printable signs to show how much they love each dress you try!
✨ We'll entertain your #adorecouchcrew with fun games in between each dress - no awkward video call silence!
✨ Once the appointment is over - you & your crew get to stay on the video call to hang out, catch up & soak up all those feelings!
✨ If you don't find THE ONE in your first box, we ship you the second box for FREE!


If you would rather try-on the items in your box without a virtual appointment or hosted video call with friends & family, that’s fine too! You’ll just pay to ship your box, that’s it! We are always here for questions if needed!


Whichever option you choose, all styling & shipping fees will be credited toward whatever you choose to order, and you can return the box with our free shipping service. Once we receive the box, we’ll charge you for the items you indicated you would like to order. We will work with you to ensure the proper sizing was chosen and place your order.

The virtual appointment & shipping fees is charged once your order is placed. After we receive your box back in the store, we’ll charge you for any items that you requested to order (less the styling fee, which is credited toward your purchase.) We can change the method of payment via text if you would like to use a different card for purchasing any items.

You will not be charged any fees above the shipping option you chose - as long as all items are in their original, unworn condition with tags still on. The styling fee is non-refundable. (But remember, it is credited toward any purchases you make.)

We do have a credit card that can be applied for - this card offers 0% financing for 6 months on anything purchased. Let us know if you would like to apply for this service.

The $99 virtual appointment option gives you a stylist with you virtually for 2 hours during your try on. We will host a video call that you can share the link with anyone that you would like to have be part of the process. The stylist will be able to give you tips and suggestions as to the fit of the gowns and how to use the fitting tools we provide in your box. She will also be a great resource to you for talking about color availabilities on each dress as well as possible customization options. She will then walk you through the measuring process using the tools provided and work with you live on sizing. And here’s something a little extra for our live styling brides. If at the end of your time you just haven’t found the dress you Adore, we will send you out a new box free of charge with a few more stylist picked options based on how your virtual appointment went and the way you felt in the gowns you received!


The self-service option is free, and has you as a completely self service customer. You will receive your box and you will have to work out with your most important people how to best share the experience with them. You will also be responsible for your own measurements and placing your order with us will be done via text.

You only pay for what you order, so it’s up to you! Each box has a $99, $199 or $299 styling fee (depending on whether you choose a live styling or self service option) that’s credited toward your final purchase.

Our special order bridal gowns range from $1,000-3,200. We will only place dresses in your box that fall into the price range you have specified that you would like to spend. You will also receive a few accessories in your box that can be paired with your bridal gown that may range from $100-500. 


That said, if you are looking for a great deal and are interested in our sample sale boxes - we do have select styles that are up to 75% off special order price and available between the $600-2,000 price range! Just select “Sample Box” during sign-up!


The shipping fee & virtual appointment fee for each box will be credited toward your final purchase.

Nope! It’s your dress and we want to make sure you Adore it! 75% of our brides do end up finding a dress that they Adore, so be ready for that moment to happen for you! And remember, if you chose the $99 virtual appointment option and you don’t find the dress you Adore we will ship out a new box with a few extra specifically curated styles! We are just that confident we can find your perfect dress!

Yes. You will receive a digital preview of the dresses your stylist has selected for you. During the next 48 hours, you can review your box and leave feedback for your stylist, including swapping an item for a different one or removing it altogether.


When you’re done, your stylist will make any necessary adjustments and process shipment. Inside your box, there will also be a packing list with a breakdown of what items are included and the price of each.

You will be charged the sales tax from where the purchase is made which is Morton, IL. Thankfully we have a very low tax rate of 6.75% - big city service, small town prices!

Most likely no. That is why we will be sending our fitting tools with your box. Bridal gowns are made with primarily non-stretch fabric and with standard sizing. However, most women fall between sizing, we will help you through this process and show you how to use the fitting tools provided to get the best feel for how the dress will fit when sized and altered to you.

Most bridal gowns are made in the same length - but we are all not the same height! No worries! We have yet to find a dress that a qualified seamstress cannot hem. What may seem impossible to us, with delicate lace patterns along the bottom of a gown, are standard procedure for an experienced seamstress! You would never lose any of the detail that you love most on your wedding gown when working with a qualified seamstress.

We will have asked you your height during the styling process and promise to only send you gowns that would be available to order in extra length. 

This will be very depending on who you go to, what you need done to your gown and what style/fabric your gown is. We have seen quality alterations range from $125-850 with the average being around $500. 


We have also seen alterations done for far less, and we do believe in the saying, you get what you pay for.

Our style boxes have samples that range from bridal size 6-26. Even if you fall below that size we can assure you that utilizing the fitting tools we provide you will be able to see how the gown will fit once in your size.

No, bridal sizing has not evolved in the same way that street sizing has over the last 50+ years. Do not be surprised (or upset) when you find THE dress and you measure into a bridal size larger than your current street size. It’s not you, it’s them!

We carry bridal gowns from Beloved by Casablanca, Allure Bridal, Madi Lane, and more. Our most popular line is our Madly in Love collection which is our private, exclusive-to-us designs!

Absolutely! You can see about 85% of the dresses that we have currently in the store right here. We say 85% because we are constantly getting new stock in and it takes us a little bit of time to get those images photographed and updated onto the website!


If there is a particular dress that catches your eye, make sure to tell your stylist about it!
The same day you receive your box, you can set up a free pickup from Once you’ve tried everything on or had your virtual styling appointment, simply pack everything back into the box with the tape strips and prepaid return label provided. Pickups are available the next business day. 


You’re also welcome to drop your box at any UPS location.

Your stylist will hand-select pieces just for you and email you a box preview. You’ll have 48 hours to edit or approve the order before it ships. Once shipped, your box should arrive within 1-3 business days.

AdoreBrideBoxes can be shipped within the state of Illinois for $199, and outside the state of Illinois for $299.


Whichever shipping option you choose, all shipping fees are credited toward your final purchase!

No, every time items are received back to us they go through a cleaning and steaming process before they go out to any new customers.

Please notify us of your positive status, but still, return your style box. We have processes in place to then receive the items back with care and clean all items.