#adoretip | Things Brides Regret NOT doing

#adoretip | Things Brides Regret NOT doing

Wedding planning got you stressed?  We FEEL YA girl.  There are soooo many decisions to be made that are big and small. And it may be that your best friend has one idea how the centerpieces should be, your mother in law has a strong opinion about the vows, or you and your groom disagree on the color scheme.  By the time your wedding date rolls around, it is time to ENJOY your day, along with all the decisions that you have made to make YOUR day how YOU want it.  In the midst of all the decisions, there are some that come up frequently that brides really wished they had done differently.  So we complied a few of those for you to consider as you finish the plans for your wedding, to hopefully add to your enjoyment and subtract from any regret!  



In no particular order, here they are:


-NOT GETTING DRESS PRESERVED  At Adore, we have dress preservation included in our diamond package, but it can also be added on with any dress purchased from us.  Brides wear their dress for so many hours on the day of the wedding, and guess what...it gets dirty.  So you definitely will want to get it cleaned by a professional to bring it back to all it's glory.  But then you want to preserve it too, so it stays pristine for all the years to come. Maybe you will want renewal or anniversary pictures, or perhaps photograph your toddler daughter 10 years from now in it, or maybe even a daughter or granddaughter will want to wear it for their wedding!  I mean, it is gorgeous!  You will be so glad you have kept it, and kept it nice, cherishing the memories made in it.  We have a whole blog about dress preservation, you can get more information on the why and how HERE.





-OPEN BAR DILEMA To serve, or not to serve..that is a question many couples wreslte with.  You want to have a fun party, but it can be a big expense. Is it tacky to have a cash bar? What about cash bar just after dinner is served? Many guests will expect that weddings have an open bar if alcohol is being served. One way to help with cost is to offer only wine, beer and a signature drink.  Many brides have been saying that the wedding day is really about the newlyweds, so why should they worry about what people think is tacky or not, just do what you can afford and feel comfortable with.  More couples share regret over not having at least some alcohol provided than cash bar only from what we can gather.






-GIVE THE PHOTOGRAPHER A CHECKLIST #adoresquad team member Cori here writing this blog, and I was a wedding photographer for some time.  This was an important service I provided for my brides! I went over pictures and timing of when to do which pictures at least twice before the big day.  Every photographer is different, so make sure you are proactive about talking with your photographer about those "must have" pictures! Now, know that even with a list your photographer may not be able to get everything, but WITH a checklist it is much more likely that those important shots will get checked off of the list.  They can't capture every cool shot on your Pinterest board either, but it can help with inspiration of pictures/styles that you like. Communication and a list really helps make sure you get that picture for example with your great-grandmother and her ring at the reception, and the family groupings you want for your formal pictures. Check! Check! Check! I love a list!  In the chaos of a wedding day, it gets things done without the bride having to try and remember what has been taken already and who she still wants in a picture.  Many brides have shared with us about pictures they didn't get but had wanted, so this one is important.



-A SPECIAL QUIET MOMENT  As a photographer (Cori still writing here), I try to encourage couples to schedule this in as I work through the schedule of the day with them.  Why?  After my first look my hubby and I took time just to be alone, and it was absolutely one of my favorite times of the day! The rest of the day is busy, and amazing but chaotic.  So be sure to take a break for the two of you, go somewhere quiet and just savor this moment - you two have been waiting for it!  This is your day, others can wait even if need be.  Breath together, take in what is happening and enjoy a moment for just the two of you to savor.   Many brides have commented online, and brides I have worked with have also said that that quiet moment was also a favorite part of their wedding day, so do not hesitate to take those minutes for yourself! You won't regret it.



 -COMFORTABLE SHOES We know that those gorgeous wedding heels will be beautiful, no doubt! But many brides have chimed in to conclude that  you will feel so much better slipping into something more forgiving for the reception & dancing. We feel this is almost a must.  Choice is up to you! Pretty ballet flats, or even flip flops. Something you won't be distracted by because of the pain.  You do want to keep in mind, you will have your dress fitted in your ceremony shoes, so keeping both shoes similar height may save on the amount of dragging/dirt that can happen if you transition from heals to flip flops.  



-WEDDING DAY ESSENTIAL KIT I hate to be the bearer of bad news... but as prepared as you have been for your day, something unexpected almost always happens. I was just helping a wedding this past weekend where the maid of honor's zipper broke, and not one person there had a wedding day essential or emergency kit.   Luckily I was able to track some safety pins down in the venue's manager's office...but it is best to be prepared.  This is a good thing to hand off to your Maid of Honor to put together and bring.  We actually have an entire blog JUST on this - you can check it out HERE.  And don't forget some powder, blotting paper, and lipstick too! Along with water, water, water.  




There ya go, we hope this is helpful as you plan! As far as everything dress related, WE GOT YOU GIRL!  




The Adore Squad