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Hi friends. I'm sure you have heard the hot word right now.."BOHO". And we use it too, as we have a lot of dresses that we consider perfect for a boho bride. So, we thought we would take a minute and help explain what boho means, as some people aren't sure, and to see where you fall! Maybe you are full on boho, or just a touch of boho.

"Boho" is really an abbreviation for "Bohemian".  This style has been associated with the hippies of the 60's and 70's, but incorporating other elements as well.  From what we see, boho is like a return to our roots and nature.  Boho style boasts a lot of earthy elements, complete with neutral colors.  Many times the neutral colors are layered with just a small pop of muted color, also layered in different textures.  Think crochet, macrame, velvet, denim, florals, suede and even patchwork or flannels. Take some of these, mix them in the right combination that makes you feel grounded, while and is beautiful & stunning to look at.  When adding these elements to decor, you will find a lot of wood, paired with lots of greenery.  



Link to BLOG, Photo by: Anna Longworth 

Some popular colors we have seen over the last year with the boho vibe are blush, gold, navy and green.  Upcoming colors that we have been seeing used and asked about more this year are terra-cotta, copper, rust and mustard.  Still earthy colors but have a little stronger pop of color.



Photo 1: BLOG LINK, Photo by Hilary Elise Photo    Photo 2: BLOG LINK, Photo by Now & Then Photography 



Photo 1: BLOG LINK, Photo by Heather McCormick Photography  Photo 2: BLOG LINK, Photo by Lauren Anderson


Can you see it now? Can you get a good feel for what we mean when we talk about "boho"?

Now let's talk about dresses. Boho wedding dresses. Some of the dresses we have in stock right now that are most popular definitely fall into this category for a boho bride.  A boho wedding dress is typically going to have a nice flow to the fabric. They are dreamy, effortless, sometimes whimsical, and with graphic lace.  Many are not going to be ivory on ivory, but with nude underlays to make the details on the lace really shine.  For some examples, CLICK HERE to see our Boho Dresses.



Photo1:  BLOG LINK, Photo by Lauren Anderson
Photo 2: BLOG LINK, Photo by Stephanie Wood Photography
Photo 3: BLOG LINK, Photo by Pam Cooley
Photo 4: BLOG LINK, Photo by Abby L Photography


Janice, the owner of Adore Bridal & Specialty talks about the BOHO bride in THIS Instagram IGTV, starting at about minute 3 1/2, while showing you an example of a set up of a small boho wedding by Create A Scene, who does such amazing work.


We hope that helps as you figure out how BOHO you are!  No matter where on the scale from 1 to 10 you are, we can help you find the dress to compliment you and your day perfectly.  Its our passion and our joy!



The Adore Squad