#adoretip | Wedding Planning During the Holidays

#adoretip | Wedding Planning During the Holidays

#adoretip | Wedding Planning During the Holidays. Mobile Image

Nov 07, 2020

With the holidays fast approaching, we thought it is a great time to share some tips on how to continue with your wedding planning during this festive season.  I don't know about you, but I just love the time around Christmas.  There is just something so special and magical about it!  So, let's dive into our top 4 tips on how we can use this remarkable time to our advantage as it comes to wedding planning!


TIP #1 | Wait until the New Year to send RSVP's or Save the Dates
Christmas time there is such an influx of mail with Christmas cards.  We expect that with the Corona Virus, more people will be sending some good ol' fashion snail mail to be in touch and make connections this 2020 holiday season.  This means that there is a higher chance of your piece of mail, such as a Save the Date, accidentally being tossed out with the cards at the end of the season, or lost in the mix.  So hang on, or get them out before Thanksgiving to be safe!


Wait on the Invitations

These invitations are by our friends at Oh So Chic Boutique! We love them, they do a great quality job and work with you to create exactly what you want. They can also give you more tips on how to coordinate and when to send out!



TIP #2 | Take Advantage of the Holiday Sales!

Black Friday, and after Christmas, MANY things go on sale...like, major sale.  This is the perfect time to buy in bulk things for your DIY centerpieces, decor and more.  Also follow closely your vendors -Dj's, dresses, floris, etc!  Many photographers offer specials to lock in 2020 pricing for example.  So watch for those holiday specials and discounts, then jump on them!


TIP #3 | Use Holiday Get-Togethers to your Advantage!

If your family is able to gather for the holiday, use this as an opportunity for a few things! First, get those RSVP's!  You can ask Aunt Betty in person if she can confirm she is coming. Or, depending on the date and size of your wedding due to COVID-19, use this time to show Aunt Betty how to use facebook or other platform if you are going to livestream your wedding. This will help family members be confident they will be able to participate virtually!
Also, if you have extended time with family, gather your cousins around and have them help you tie the ribbons on your guests gifts, or other DIY projects you can put them to work on while visiting and sipping eggnog!  Just try not to steal the show, and make sure the holiday is still the focus.


TIP #4 | Take time to REST

Girl, you are busy. Wedding planning is a lot, and this year has been even more stressful. So be sure to take some time out to put it aside and relax.  Watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate with no wedding talk allowed for a few nights.  Be sure to enjoy the holiday! Holding hands, staring at the tree, quality time....this is actually what you are planning for. This life with your fiancé, so don't miss it in this season.

 Rest and Relax!

Don't forget to plan the marriage too, not just the wedding. Take advantage of the holiday to take a break from wedding planning and reconnect! Get in some great quality time together.
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So, CHEERS to you, our #adorerealbrides this holiday season! And Happy Planning during the Happy Holidays!


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