#adoretip | Advice for 2021 Wedding Planning

#adoretip | Advice for 2021 Wedding Planning

#adoretip | Advice for 2021 Wedding Planning. Mobile Image

Jan 23, 2021

2020 sure was a rollercoaster ride for planning weddings. So far, we aren't totally sure what 2021 is going to bring either.  It looks as though things are opening back up, but there is still some uncertainty based on our experiences from last year.
So, how do you move forward with planning your 2021 wedding?  First of all, you can know that our Adore Squad is HERE FOR YOU!  Every step of the way, there's no need for panic when it comes to your dress, veil, accessories and such. We keep our brides informed and taken care of - our whole "thing" is to take the stress out of finding your dress!


Of course we like to start with the dress - because it's what we do and know best!  Your dress is truly the most important aspect of the wedding (besides your fiancé of course!) You want to feel beautiful and confident and perfect, it's one of the most important days of your life. ❤️ Your dress can even help set the tone for your wedding. All this being said, your dress should be one of the first things you check off your wedding planning list. Why?


Because your gown can take anywhere from 9 - 12 months to arrive after ordering. Say what?! We never want you to feel limited in your dress selection, but the closer your wedding date gets, the smaller that selection of dresses is. We will take the stress out of finding your dress, promise! Our appointment process is a step above, and we will nail down your wedding style and budget for your dress, all before you walk in the store! When you arrive, it's smooth sailing! We'll have already sent you styles you love and have a great starting point!


When you purchase your gown with us, we will keep you posted on your dress status every step of the way!

If you are one of the brides having a small ceremony then a party/reception later, be sure to make a plan on how to care for your dress in between. Ask us about cleaning your dress before the big party! Once all the celebrations are over, we can prepare your gown to be preserved too! Read more on that HERE

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Here are a few tips to keep in mind concerning things other than your dress.


Depending on what you have envisioned for your day, you may want to send out an engagement announcement, but not a save the date.  Especially if your heart is set on a big wedding.  We just cannot know when large groups will be allowed to gather again!  Fingers crossed it will be by this summer, but there are no guarantees. Enjoy being engaged, take time to plan the things that are important, and use the time for DIY projects for when your day does arrive.  Just because you have the bling on your finger, doesn't mean you have to hit the ground with your feet running. It's okay to wait and see, then pick a date.



Along with not rushing on a date, many couples are still opting to wait on the big reception.  This is due to COVID restrictions, or the unknown of what restrictions there will be on their wedding date.  This isn't a terrible idea if you want that big celebration.  We have our fingers crossed for all of you 2021 summer brides that we will be able to be in big groups again! It is just so hard to know.  It's okay to send out an invitation letting your guests know that a date for that party is coming...but later!


As you begin to plan, make sure you decide on a budget first.  If you are planning a 2022 or 2023 wedding, that gives you a bit more time to save up, or allows you to pace your spending over time.  For some of us, more time means a larger temptation to add *all the things*.  Don't lose sight of the budget - those specialty linens, a floral arch lined aisle and elaborate photo back drops can take a toll on the wallet! 




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As you put down deposits with vendors, be sure to read through the contract.  Make sure you know what happens if something pandemic related prevents your vendor from providing services.  Don't be afraid to ask questions!  


With so many 2020 weddings, or at least the receptions, postponed, 2021 availability may be slim.  If you have a dream venue you just have to have, don't delay. Contact them right away to snag a date! If they don't have weekend availability, consider a weekday celebration (usually they are a lower rate too!) or maybe even consider pushing to 2022 if you're set on the location.


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We wish you all the best in your wedding planning this year! Remember, we are always here to help!



The Adore Squad