Why You Should Keep an Open Mind While Dress Shopping

Why You Should Keep an Open Mind While Dress Shopping

Why You Should Keep an Open Mind While Dress Shopping. Mobile Image

Jul 21, 2022

Narrowing down what you love in your wedding dress gives you a clear idea of how you want to look on your big day AND helps us get your bridal appointment going in the right direction from the start. We always recommend having a loose idea od what you want, BUT even more so, we recommend keeping an open mind!

It can be so important for a bride to have a ‘don't knock it ‘til you try it’ mentality when it comes to dress shopping. You never know how you'll feel in something until you have it on! Trust us, we see it all the time.


Countless times a bride will walk in and say “whatever you do don’t put me in a ball gown” until her sister/bestie/mom convinces them to ‘just try one’ and she walks out of the appointment with a dreamy ball gown.

Remember when it comes to browsing dresses you are looking at them on models and mannequins, the second you put it on everything you feel could change. A gown will look different from hanger to model to mannequin to bride.


Don’t feel pressured to wear what you envisioned. Our goal is for you to feel like a bride. We want you to be confident in your dress and sometimes that means a full 360 from what you originally wanted.

Remember you’re trying on sample dresses. This means they won’t always be the size or color you end up ordering. We add clips to help you see how the dress will look when it’s fitted to your body. We also can add different fabrics under the lace to help envision a different color or add a removable sleeve to help you envision what a seamstress could do- but you will have to use some imagination.


Have fun! This is your time to really try on dresses and be a bride! How often does that happen? Why not go for the lacy romantic dress you weren’t sure about. Why not entertain the mermaid your maid of honor thought you would look beautiful in. Who knows maybe you’ll love it or maybe it will become a funny memory, and help you narrow down what you DO love in your dress!

In the end stay true to yourself, choose a dress that reflects who you are. You know yourself best! We want you to feel like YOU on your big day! Comfortable, confident and like an elevated you."


Do you have any questions about what to expect during your bridal appointment? We’d love to help! Send an e-mail to hello@adoreyourdress.com.



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