What is a Sample Sale? 2022

What is a Sample Sale? 2022

Mar 23, 2022

Sample Sale at ADORE BRIDAL! 🎉

Friday, April 8, 5 PM - 8 PM

(or until all the dresses have gone!)


Many of you may wonder, "What exactly is a sample sale?!" and we are here to answer all of your questions:


What is a Sample Sale?


In the bridal world, a “sample” refers to wedding dresses we currently have in our stock room, on our mannequins or hanging in our store. These samples dresses have been tried on by brides in appointments, and all are in great condition due to our stylists helping each bride in and out of dresses during their appointment.


Each year, bridal designers come out with gorgeous new styles, leaving bridal shops with a surplus of gowns that cannot all be keep in the store! So, we go through our inventory, choose which dresses we are willing to part with (trust me...this is hard!) and we heavily discount each dress.


What sizes can I expect your samples to be?


Our goal when purchasing dresses for the store is to be as size inclusive as possible! And to be honest with you, bridal sizing is confusing for someone who does not have experience with wedding dresses. For example, a bridal size 16 is more like a "street size" 12, give or take


We haven't determined the exact line-up of dresses we are putting in our 2022 sample sale, but our currently inventory sizing ranges anywhere from a bridal size 8 to a 32! So there's a great chance that we have a wide range of styles available. Likely anywhere from a bridal size 10 to a bridal size 20.



Do I need to purchase a dress in my exact size?


Nope! Designers make their gowns in a general size and never custom to a specific bride, so as long as you're in the general range...your seamstress will work magic! We will help guide you on which sizes are too big. Alterations are an amazing thing, and most gowns can be taken in 2-3 sizes and sometimes let out in certain areas to give a bit more wiggle room. We will be at the sale helping you through questions like this, because every dress is so different - and we want to help you find the ONE!


Ok, now let me tell you that our Sample Sale is going to be something you DO NOT WANT TO MISS! We have tons of dresses and we have an exclusive way for you to shop and beat the crowds!


  1. EARLYBIRD APPOINTMENTS (April 7 & 8) - Shop our sample sale before the crowd AND have your own one-on-one appointment with a dedicated bridal stylist! We are giving away these awesome appointments to a select number of brides. These appointments will be April 7 & 8 at various times throughout the day. Click below to enter!
  2. SAMPLE SALE  (April 8) - Remember that Friends episode where Monica is looking for her dress? It's like that but actually WAY more fun & considerably less feisty. We are opening our doors at 5 PM and it's first come first serve! Our dresses will be organized in a way that will make them easy to shop and you can try them on in a dedicated try-on space.


enter to win an earlybird appointment


So whether you'd like some help in a one-on-one earlybird appointment, to shop our sale and join in on the fun, or you're a discount shopper looking for an even better deal...we have options for you!


Just for fun, we've included the Friends episode where Monica gets into a fight a sample sale to find her dress! Don't be like Monica, win an Earlybird appointment and avoid the crowd!  🎉 Your dream dress is waiting!



If you have any questions for us pertaining to the sample sale or anything else, please click the bubble in the lower left and one of a stylist will text you back!



The Adore Squad