Top 10 Things to Expect at Your Bridal Appointment

Top 10 Things to Expect at Your Bridal Appointment

Top 10 Things to Expect at Your Bridal Appointment. Mobile Image

May 01, 2023


(a.k.a. the ‘nitty gritty’ of a bridal appointment)


Hey beautiful bride! (and her bride tribe for those who get this) This is your connection to some super basic, but necessary info for your upcoming experience with us at Adore. These ‘Top 10’ come from questions we get all the time. The answers are super concise. Some of this may be a little uncomfortable, but it is good to know what to expect. No unwelcome surprises. If you want to learn more, check out the short video below the same topic.


As we get started, here is an introduction from Janice, our awesome boss lady!



1. At Adore, you will receive a 90 minute, personalized experience. Honestly, you may get done much faster. Either way, we want you to be confident that you have found ‘the one!’ 90 minutes also gives us plenty of time to do all the fun stuff (like accessorize, sign the wall, take pictures, etc!) You are finding your wedding dress, so let’s have some fun together!



2. Please wear underwear. Actually, we require it. Do we need a video on this one? Sure why not! We get that every woman is unique.



3. What is your price point? Please make sure that you have talked about this with your people BEFORE you come in. We are here to RESPECT that number while finding the dress you Adore. It’s terrible to fall in love with a bridal gown only to learn that it’s not really an option. Super sad. We don’t want to do it to you and you don’t want to experience it! So let’s start that conversation now. Our quality gowns start at $1000 and go up to $2500. We have a handful of dresses under $1200. We have a handful of dresses above $2200. Really, dresses between $1200 and $2200 is our sweet spot.



4. We are a ‘closed stock’ store. Yep, it’s a weird phrase, so what does it mean? Looking through hundreds of dresses is overwhelming. We get that. So we have a different strategy. Your stylist knows the dresses REALLY well - all the color options, all the possible customizations, and how it looks on a real woman. You can trust us to bring you dresses you will love (and in your price point). We just ask for you to be totally honest about how you feel, what you like or don’t like. You won’t hurt our feelings…or the dress’ feelings either. Fabric can breathe, but it doesn’t cry. 😉  



5. “Will I have that ‘aha, emotional, OMG moment?’” This is such a great question, but we need to ask you a question back. “Are you an emotional person?” If you don’t typically cry, don’t expect to cry. If you are a ‘pros and cons’ person, you will probably do that. Your moment will be unique to you. It may not look like someone else’s experience or what you see on TV…although it could! You do you, girlfriend. 🤩  



6. Payment is required in full at the time of purchase/placing your order. There are a lot of reasons for this. The most basic reason is that when your wedding dress comes in, we want you to focus only on your dress and upcoming wedding, not how to pay the balance. 



7. Can’t pay in full? We totally get it. We do have a ‘buy now, pay later’ option through Sunbit. Just fill out a simple application here. Don’t worry, this application is NOT a hard credit pull, and applying WILL NOT affect your credit report.




8. Tips are welcome. You will be offered the opportunity to tip your bridal stylist. To be clear, our stylists DO NOT work on commission. They truly want to provide you with the best possible service as you find the dress you adore! During checkout, four options will be displayed on the credit card terminal. You can select one, type in a custom amount or skip this option altogether. No pressure. We love our stylists, our stylists love our brides and we want to give you the option to love on them too.



9. Signing the wall is a MUST! Brides have been signing the wall since 2013, when we were at our first location. As you look around the store, you’ll notice the names of #AdoreRealBrides. It is fun to find the name of a sister or friend and sign near them. As you do, you’ll become part of our Adore family and serve as an encouragement to other brides. Honestly, we love reading the wall too. As we do, we give thanks for you and the experience we shared together!



10. Lengthy shipping is a REAL thing. Since 2020, we have not seen our shipping timeframes go back to ‘normal’ (which was about 4 months). Now it is easily 6 months (or more) depending on the designer. A couple things you need to know about this…


  • We will only put you in a dress that we are confident will arrive in time for your alterations process and wedding.
  • Some brides get super lucky. A designer may have your dress in stock or already in production. We don’t know this ahead of time. So, if we reach out to you sooner than expected, you are one of the LUCKY ones! We love it when this happens, but it is rare.
  • The best time to order is always right now, after you have found the dress you adore. We want you to have plenty of time for your alteration process and feel beautiful in your wedding gown before the big day.



    Most importantly, we are here for YOU! We promise to do everything we can to make sure that you find your dress without the overwhelming stress. Because friend, we know all of this is about so much more than JUST a dress. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Thanks for sharing it with us! We adore you too!




    & the Adore Squad