Green is the New White| Sustainable Wedding Planning

Green is the New White| Sustainable Wedding Planning

Green is the New White| Sustainable Wedding Planning. Mobile Image

May 04, 2019

Princess Eugenie of York’s royal wedding made headlines last year as any royal wedding does, but she was noted as the first royal to host a plastic-free wedding. If something as traditional as English monarchy is taking a green stand, you and your significant other can too. This goes even farther than cutting straws (although a good place to start) as there is even more you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you are a die-hard “save the sea turtles” gal or just wanting to stay on trend with upcoming weddings, the green movement is here! SO, read on to see some simple decisions you and your fiancé can make that can really make a difference for the environment.

—–Start with the Right Vendors——

Significantly reducing waste is a team effort. Therefore, talk to your vendors about your goal as you planning to ensure everyone is on the same page. It’s hard for you to track the waste produced by each venue, so if your vendors are aware of your goal, they may be able to provide expertise and suggestions on how to cut waste. For example, if you are looking at venue to host your reception, ask if they recycle. Talk through the types of garage you will be having (paper, plastic, glass, etc.) and make sure they recycle all types. If they don’t, maybe they would be willing to set it aside for you to take it to a recycling plant. Simple communication can eliminate a lot of unnecessary Carbon Dioxide.

—–Think Local—–

If you were already planning on shopping local, here is another reason to do it. Typically, importing goods such as dresses, flowers, food, cake and alcohol all produce more emissions than simply buying from the places nearest to you. Be mindful of your selection for food and flowers and choose items that are in season. This way, your local vendor doesn’t have to import out-of-season goods to meet your needs. The rising popularity of craft breweries and distilleries makes it perfect for you to buy local brews. Adding in local vendors also adds a unique personal touch to your day since these are resources that not everyone has for their wedding. It’s a win, win!


—–Reusable Decor and Party Favors—–

Look to rental companies to provide the bulk of your decor rather than going out and purchasing new decor. Even family or couple photos can make personal decor that can be kept and used in your home. If you do have to purchase new decor, look for items wrapped in little or no plastic. Also, bring re-usable bags to carry everything around rather than disposable plastic ones. Did you know that over 50% of guests do not even take home their party favor? Consider other alternatives such as plant or tree packets which can be super boho and trendy too! It is really just about being conscious of your waste and where it’s going.

–No Plastic Plates, Cups, Forks, Spoons…you get it!—–

Rentals. Rentals. Rentals. Again, this is huge for eliminating plastic silverware. If given the option, choose utensils made from environmentally materials, like bamboo or palm leaves. Request cloth napkins that can be re-used rather than thrown away. One fun idea is to have all your bridal party members bring a set of wine glasses for cocktail hour. This plays into the personal and eclectic theme happening in weddings right now and again eliminates waste and the need to purchase new things.

–Eco-Friendly Beauty Products—–

If you plan to have your hair and makeup done professionally, search for a pro early to ensure you can find one who is on board with using eco-friendly products. If you can’t find someone, consider asking a friend who’s great with hair and makeup, and purchase the products you’re comfortable using. If they are friends, you might even be able to get a few extra trial runs in to test out the new products and to get your bridal look down!

We hope we found a few ways that you could eliminate waste at your big day and join the green movement. Green is the new white, and we can’t wait to see how you rock it at your big day!


The Adore Staff