Get to know the Adore Staff

Get to know the Adore Staff

Get to know the Adore Staff. Mobile Image

Aug 18, 2019

Maybe you have seen us on one of our social media platforms...maybe you met us in the store once... maybe you have no idea who we are! 😂 No matter what, you are about to get to know the Adore Staff a lot better. Here is a brief introduction to the team that makes all that we do possible.


To see us in action, visit us Facebook, Instagram & TikTok: @adorebridals ❤️


JANICE: Founder & Owner


What inspired you to open up Adore?

I started working at David’s Bridal 12 years ago. I had never planned to work in bridal, but I instantly fell in love with the industry. It was like the ultimate puzzle. Finding the perfect dress to match each bride’s unique personality. Every day was different and every season brought new styles and trends. It was like I finally felt home in a job! But I quickly ran into more and more things that I felt like couldn’t happen in a big chain like David’s. So I moved into the locally owned bridal world and quickly became discouraged that there wasn’t a place that offered an out of this world experience, with the latest trends AND in a really cool space.  So, one day I thought, why don’t I build my own!


What are you most passionate about in the bridal world?

Helping each bride feel their best.  There are a lot of voices and a lot of opinions, but the one that matters the  most is the brides. I want to make sure that she feels more than  amazing, more than beautiful but her very  best self. And I want to do that with an experience that is all about relationships and filled with all kinds of fun. Basically we want the process to be as stress free as possible.


Favorite celebrity wedding dress of ALL TIME: 

Lucille Ball. Hands down. It was perfect for her body shape. It had an amazing cathedral veil that perfectly blended into the dress. The handkerchief lace hem and the long sleeves. It is classic with a modern twist, but still timeless.


ANDREA: Bridal Coordinator 

What is the best part about your job?

I love getting to connect with a lot of our brides and building relationships with them.It is so wonderful to get the chance to get to know them a little prior to them even walking in the door!  Building relationships with our brides is so special to me! ALSO, we all know I LOVE that “Say ‘yes'” moment!” There is really no better feeling then seeing a bride say “yes” to the dress she Adores! It’s truly special!


Why should brides make an appointment with Adore?

At Adore, we are here 100% for each and every bride. Our goal is to make this process as easy and stressless as possible. 


What's your biggest piece of advice for brides planning a wedding?

Wedding planning can become so stressful! I try to encourage brides to not sweat the small stuff, and to follow their instincts.


Something not a lot of people know about you is...

I am basically an old soul. I love to knit and crochet. It's a trade I learned from my Grandma at a young age. I'm always so thankful to have that connection to her. 


BREA: Bridal Consultant

What is the best part about your job?

Since we talk to our brides before they even come for their appointment, I get excited that I already know so much about the bride that I can connect with them to help them find the perfect wedding dress! It’s really fun when brides walk in through the door and they feel like friends and family rather than strangers.


What would you consider to be your specialty when you are helping a bride?

I know that I am a really great listener and really can envision what the bride is wanting. Even if I don’t talk the entire appointment, it’s because I am ultimately there to help the bride. I want to be able to be supportive and listen to what the bride is really looking for. It’s ALL about the bride!



Favorite Floral Combo: 

My favorite floral arrangement would be more cascading greenery, with florals in deep jewel tones…maybe even some feathers! I think it looks so gorgeous!


CARISSA: Marketing Coordinator

What’s something every bride should know about Adore?

That we LOVE our brides! We will always go the extra mile for our brides, we will make every effort to get to know them and what they want their gown to look like even BEFORE they come in the store. We genuinely enjoy what we do and want to find the perfect dress. Once you say yes to your dress and sign that wall, you become part of our Adore family!


Can you recall a memorable experience when working with a bride or bridal party? Please share!

Before I took over all things #socialmedia, I loved working with all of you beautiful brides! I always loved brides & bridal parties that are so sweet and there to enjoy the experience of that “yes” moment. I don’t know if I have a specific appointment in mind, but my FAVORITE thing is when the #adorecouchcrew squeals with excitement when the bride is in her dress! Not everyone has that crying/tearful/get-me-a-tissue moment people…sometimes it’s just the sheer excitement when she says YES!!! Jumping up and down, laughing, hugging…I love it. It is such a special moment.


Favorite designer at Adore: 

I would say Madi Lane! I love their boho style and the beautiful lace patterns. They have so many unique designs that you don’t see often and have not been “overdone.” Their gowns all have a very organic feel, but are still timeless & beautiful!



DEVON: Bridal Stylist

What is the best part about your job?

The ever changing styles. I’ve been working in bridal for 8 years, and even when I took a break from bridal I still followed designers to see their new dress releases. That especially runs true for the “curvy bride.” I love that there are so many new style options & designers that are catering towards those curvier body types! The type of wedding dress I originally wanted when first working bridal ended up being nothing like the wedding dress I ended up getting because the style had changed by then. I’m sure if I was to look for a dress now it would be totally different again. 


Why should brides make an appointment with Adore?

We take all the worries & stress about finding the perfect gown away & strive to give you the best experience with your crew. We put in work & effort before you step through those doors to ensure you’ll fall Madly in love with a gown that is uniquely yours! 


What’s something brides should know if they get the chance to work with you?

I listen intently & care deeply. It’s not uncommon for me to tear up right along with my brides & their families during those special moments. 


Favorite Wedding Movie:

I have a favorite wedding scene, not really a wedding movie. Ever since I was a kid it has always been the wedding scene from The Sound of Music. Even after all the movies that have come out since then, that remains my favorite. I love the music, the scene, & her dress! It’s very Grace Kelly-like, and we see that trend coming back now so I’m loving it!



MEGAN: Bridesmaid Stylist

What is the best part about your job?

The best part of my job is working with amazing brides in such a fun time of their lives! 


Why should brides make an appointment with Adore?

Adore has a great process where we really try to get to know our brides. They’re not just customers to us. We try really hard to build relationships with them and make finding their dress as easy, fun and stress less as possible! 


What's your biggest piece of advice for brides planning a wedding?

My biggest piece of advice is to just enjoy your engagement. Let the little things work themselves out and don’t stress about it! You’re marrying your best friend. That’s all that matters!


Iced or Hot?

I will always drink an iced coffee no matter the weather outside!


TAWNIE: Bridal Stylist


What is the best part of your job? 

The best part of my job is seeing the emotion on a bride's face when she finds her wedding dress!!! 


Why should brides book an appointment at Adore?

I think every bride should book an appointment at Adore because they will get the full "fancy dress buying experience" with out all the stress. I found my dress with Adore last year and had the best experience, so much so that I wanted to work here! #theadoresquad is always super supportive and welcoming!!! 


What's your wedding favorite season? 

My favorite season to get married in would be Fall. The colors, the weather...everything is perfect!


RACHEL: Bridal Stylist


What is something every bride should know about Adore? 

It's a unique experience tailored to each bride! We're there for some of the most fun parts of wedding planning and we want each bride to feel beautiful and special for their big day! My wedding date is coming up soon, and I was so happy when I found my dress at Adore. I jumped at the chance to give brides a similar amazing experience to mine!


What would you consider your specialty when helping a bride?

I love *LOVE* so I think my speciality is being able to listen to a bride, learn about them and support them in finding their most important dress!  


Favorite restaurant to eat at:

love Los Cabos, it's a Mexican restaurant in Peoria!!



DONNA: Bridal Concierge


What is your favorite part of your job?

Favorite part of my job is seeing the brides have their yes moment to finding the dress they adore!!  Also hearing about all the fun details of their special day. 


Do you have any advice for brides on their wedding day?

My advice would be to if possible have a day of coordinator to take care of all the details both big and small so the bride and groom are able to soak up every moment of their special day with their family and friends.


What is your favorite wedding color combo? 

Of course my favorite wedding color combo is all the blushes with a touch of metallics and wood.  Oh and lots of greens in the florals.





Now that you know our team a little better, we would love to meet you! Come stop in and see us! We promise we are a lot of fun :)



The Adore Squad