#adoreVIP | Tess & Stephen | White Pines State Park

#adoreVIP | Tess & Stephen | White Pines State Park. Mobile Image

Apr 01, 2019

What was the style inspiration for your wedding?

What do you admire most about your husband?
Sense of humor

Tell us more about your wedding. Is there a great proposal story? How did you choose your location? Any DIY tips? What else would you want everyone to know about your wedding?
We got engaged in Iceland! We loved this authentic wedding canyon venue.

What was your experience with Adore?
Memorable! I loved signing my name on the wall!

Are there any vendors that stood out to you as top notch? Who and Why?
White Pines Weddings. They did literally everything!

Are there any other vendors that we can give a shoutout to? Rentals? Linens? Cake? Videographer?
Photographer’s Name: Kelsey Henricks
Hair & Make-up: Sarah Pepino and Kate Crusen
Florist: White Pines

Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day, Tess!


The Adore Staff