#adoreVIP | Lindsey & Mitch

#adoreVIP | Lindsey & Mitch

#adoreVIP | Lindsey & Mitch. Mobile Image

Jul 07, 2020

Lindsey and Mitch had a picture perfect day for their wedding on May 25th, 2020.  It was a day where everything just came together.  Let's take a peek into their day with some stunning pictures and Q & A with our #adorerealbride Lindsey.



Photo: Gregory Cross

Did you have a wedding #hashtag?

#mrozesarewed #mrozeallday

What was the style inspiration for your wedding?
Simple Elegance

What do you admire most about your husband?
My husband can literally do anything. He is so capable. He has the ability to fix me when I'm broken, along with everything that breaks in our house. His puns are pretty good, too 😉

 Photos: Gregory Cross


How did he propose?
Mitch proposed to me on top of the Empire State Building at sunset, he's never seen Sleepless in Seattle. It was amazing.

How did you choose The Waterhouse as your venue?
We chose a venue close to our home that had everything in one, we wanted to keep things simple. Weddings are hard, we recognized that going into it.

Any DIY tips?
We did a few DIY things and my best advice... let people help you. If someone says they want to participate, say yes. Enjoy it, the process and the party. Most importantly, make sure your marraige gets as much effort as your wedding.

 Photo: Gregory Cross


Do you have a special memory from your day?

My mom got up and danced! After suffering many health issues, missing my dress appointment because of being hospitalized (Adore was amazing and let us video chat everything. Incredibly accommodating when I was able to have physically come in!), and having had her lower leg amputated just a few short months before the wedding, seeing her get her groove on was amazing!

 Photos: Gregory Cross


How was your experience at Adore?

It was amazing and I have recommended them to every bride since. I have to cancel my first appointment because my mother had a stroke a few days before. When I called, I can't tell you who I talked to, but I got off the phone and I cried. They were so nice and genuinely sympathetic. When I rescheduled, my mom was still in the hospital so we had to video chat. The woman helping was so mindful of my Mom. She made sure the lighting was best so she could see everything, worked with the right angles, and made it all feel so normal. Not only are the dresses amazing and the process amazing (love that I could Pin the dresses I wanted!) these people are amazing.


Photos: Gregory Cross


Are there any vendors that stood out to you as top notch?

Jessica Stecher is local to Peoria and made our cake... amazing!! The people at The Waterhouse are AMAZING!


Photos: Gregory Cross


Thanks so much to our #adorerealbride Lindsey Mroz for sharing with us all about her wedding day!  We wish these two a lifetime of happiness!



The Adore Squad



Dress: Adore Bridal & Specialty

Venue: The Waterhouse, Peoria

Hair & Make Up: Aura Salon
Florist: Kristy at Create A Scene

Cake: Jessica Stecher
Videographer: Gregory Cross
Photographer: Gregory Cross