#adoreVIP | Laci Jo & Jordan | Country Rustic

#adoreVIP | Laci Jo & Jordan | Country Rustic

#adoreVIP | Laci Jo & Jordan | Country Rustic. Mobile Image

Dec 26, 2020

 On September 12, 2020 Laci Jo Lieber and Jordan Swanson said their "I Do's". It was a day full of special memories.  The hashtag for the day was " LieberFever2020" and their venue was The Barn at Fairview Acres in Biggsville, IL.   We love how they pulled off an amazing country rustic feel for their theme.  Let's take a look at more pictures from their day and hear from Lacy on how amazing her experience was! 

All the images were captured beautifully by Jody Robinson of Moments + Co Photography 


Do you have a special memory from your wedding day?
My Nanny walking me down the aisle.

What do you admire most about your husband?
His desire to help in any way possible.



Is there a good proposal story?

It was most important for me that I have my Nanny & Papa’s blessing and be around family and friends. Jordan did just that. He put a few weeks of effort planning it out, decided to make it fancy and go out to eat at Granite City in Peoria, not far from the Riverfront where we first hung out at. Disguised the plan as our “family dinner night” with our friends that we have every month. In the wee hours of proposal day, my Papa passed. Jordan knew how much that man meant to me that he was willing to cancel everything to help me grieve. My family knew it was happening and urged him to continue on with his plans. I had decided being around friends is exactly what I needed. On our way to Peoria, I had the uneasy feeling that something was going on, but brushed it off. Went through dinner and got as far as putting on our coats when he comes walking towards me with a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers and red roses....and the rest is history 🥰



How did you choose your venue?

Months prior to getting engaged I came across The Barn’s Facebook page, all pictures looked real, but it turned out it was still being built! We looked at the venue first opportunity we got and instantly fell in love with the owners (Cristy & Dan Potts), location wasn’t too far from us and the potential the venue could have 😍😍 We knew we wanted at least a year to plan, and it couldn’t be during any form of hunting season (married an avid hunter). So we chose September (not too hot, not too cold) and they had the date we were looking at still available! It truly isn’t about what you know, it’s who you know! With the help of my amazing sister (in-law) everything began falling into place! We had discussed heavily of what Jordan and I wanted our special day to look like (I mean what girl doesn’t have a Pinterest dream board since the very beginning of time?!!)



Any advice to other brides?

Honestly making most of my decorations and using what The Barn had helped tremendously! My advice to future brides; prior to booking your venue, look at what it has to offer! Our venue included so many extra amenities that similar venues didn’t, and for an excellent price!!! I love everything about our wedding and would relive it again if I could!


What was your experience with Adore?

Adore was the very first AND ONLY bridal salon I went to to find my dress. My sister (in-law) had gotten her dress from them and had an amazing experience in 2016-2017, so we knew it was a place to start. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t sure what style to try, or what I really wanted. Just that I didn’t want to form fitting because I was self conscious about all of it and wanted lace to go with the country/rustic theme of the wedding. We tried on about 10 dresses (at least) and I wasn’t getting the “wow” 🤩 factor I was hoping to get emotionally. Then my mother-in-law went into the next room and found a dress (under budget) and said “Lace, try this one.” So I did, and immediately began to tear up! I was so thrilled to have found my dream dress! Months go by...COVID hits and I get the call that my dress is in! I go and pick it up, but don’t immediately try it on, because at that point, wasn’t sure if we were still having our wedding in September or not. We get to late June/early July and my Nanny is diagnosed with leukemia and saying she won’t do treatments (because all she wants is to be with Papa). So at this point I’m thinking how I do not know if she will be at my wedding and that’s the most important thing to me... So I contact the venue, photographer and get it all lined up to have a small photo shoot with my Nanny, at the venue to still have that special moment. I go and try on my dress...and I realize it doesn’t fit...I had either gained weight or measurements were taken wrong or my newly diagnosed endometriosis was flaring up.. We contacted Adore ASAP and Andrea helped, she wanted to see pictures and then decided that wasn’t best that we needed to come in and assess the situation first hand. She decided to order a corset to match the dress, wasn’t able to wear my dress the day of pictures with my Nanny, but that was fine. Andrea ordered the corset to match my dress and get it in! Adore put me into contact with Kathy who did phenomenal on my alterations!



Any vendors you would like to give a special shout out to?

Sonya Smith with Prairie Studio Designs in Knoxville, IL did amazing work with all floral arrangements!
Also, Brittni Klundt with Frosted by Brittni did an amazing job on the cupcakes!


Photographer:  Jody Robinson with Moments + Co Photography

Hair & Make Up:  Tyler Spinks and Nicole Snell from Cutting Edge Salon in Galesburg, IL

Florist:  Sonya Smith with Prairie Studio Designs

Venue: The Barn at Fairview Acres




Congratulations you two! We hope the love and joy we can see here remains strong throughout you marriage!




The Adore Squad