#adoreVIP | Carly and Cole | Corona Conquered

#adoreVIP | Carly and Cole | Corona Conquered

#adoreVIP | Carly and Cole | Corona Conquered. Mobile Image

Aug 25, 2020

Carly & Cole were set to get married on April 4th, 2020.  However as we all know, a little something called Coronavirus locked everyone in their houses, cleared everyone's calendar and shut down basically the whole world!  This couple unfortunately canceled their wedding just three weeks before the big day.  They decided to keep moving forward, set a new date and got married 3 months later on July 4th, 2020 with a few minor adjustments and safety elements added! Yay for perseverance! They kept their rustic theme, as well as their hashtag we just love: #outwiththeolson!


We asked Carly what she admires most about her new husband, and she said his patience and admiration he has for her. 🥰


Photo: Karla Janette Photography


The reveal with her gals is such a special moment! We love these images of Carly with her Mom, and her maids, seeing her all done up and ready for her wedding day.  Look at all the different expressions from her crew! We all need the sentimental people, and the excitable cheerful people, in our lives!  And the flower girl gasping while covering her mouth, so stinkin' adorable!


 Photos: Karla Janette Photography


And here are a few details, 'cause we love paying attention to the details! Even that mask, complete with lace detail it looks as though it fits right in!


  Photos: Karla Janette Photography



Carly & Cole had a special moment before the ceremony.  We love a good traditional "don't see the bride until she walks down the aisle" moment, and this is a good compromise between that and a first look. When nerves are rising, the best way to calm them to hold the handed hear the voice of your future spouse!



  Photos: Karla Janette Photography


Having your wedding during a global pandemic is a challenge, and one that these two took head on!  After delaying their wedding, they found some great ways to keep people safe.  You can see here that their guests are spread out, and the officiant is behind a clear plexiglass. What a great safe yet not distracting element!


  Photos: Karla Janette Photography


This red couch is such a fun pop of color for some pictures! It goes with the Rustic theme and compliments the colors of the party nicely.


  Photos: Karla Janette Photography


We love how they took on the virus by incorporating it in the reception to, but in a fun way!  What a fun idea, and something all the guests could enjoy and chuckle at.  




 Photos: Karla Janette Photography


Before we go, let's take one more look at Carly - such a beautiful bride! We were so honored to be a part of her wedding story by helping style some of her bridesmaids, find her dress and her entire bridal look!  Carly - you look so stunning and this was absolutely the perfect dress for you!  Thanks for your feedback that your experience with us at Adore was "AMAZING"!


 Photos: Karla Janette Photography



Congratulations again to Carly and Cole! ❤️ Way to embrace and conquer the challenges of 2020, the new obstacle that is Coronavirus! You two are an inspiration and we wish you all the love, health and happiness in your future!


Shout out to the vendors!

#adorerealbride // @colson_4

Photographer // @karlajanettephotography

Venue // Trailside Event Center

Make-up // @slaybykelseyj

Cake // @trefzgersbakery

Hashtag // #outwiththeolson



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