#adoreVIP | Alyssa & Brandon | True Love

#adoreVIP | Alyssa & Brandon | True Love

#adoreVIP | Alyssa & Brandon | True Love. Mobile Image

Sep 29, 2019

What was the style inspiration for your wedding?

Whimsical/Rustic Theme


What do you admire most about your husband?

He's my best friend and confidant. When we were in the dating stage, everything was so incredibly easy- I never expected to feel so comfortable with someone! He's hilarious, romantic, and is so incredibly thoughtful.


Tell us more about your wedding. Is there a great proposal story? How did you choose your location? Any DIY tips? What else would you want everyone to know about your wedding?


We were staying on a house boat with his family, so one morning, he asked me to take an early morning walk with him down to the beach, where he proposed!

If anyone is like me and gets overwhelmed with big picture wedding stuff, definitely let people help you out if they offer! It takes such a load off your shoulders, knowing you have a great support system!!


What was your experience with Adore?

My experience was incredible!! I bought the first dress I tried on because they were THAT good at finding a dress that fit my style and budget!


Are there any vendors that stood out to you as top notch? Who and Why?

Great American Popcorn Company provided popcorn favors for pre-lunch snacks while we took photos. Country Club BBQ provided a delicious lunch and gave us a little extra food just in case we ran low!


Photographer's Name: John Fleischmann


Who did your hair & make up? 

Heather Stone did my makeup; Carrie Tovrea did my hair!


Who was your florist? 

I bought my clay bouquet from Cool Clay Flowers.


Thanks for sharing your day with us Alyssa! 



The Adore Staff