#AdoreTip | Who should I bring to my bridal appointment?

#AdoreTip | Who should I bring to my bridal appointment?

#AdoreTip | Who should I bring to my bridal appointment?. Mobile Image

Apr 29, 2022

If you're reading this, then you're either engaged (congratulations! 💍 ) or tagging along to a future bridal appointment with a bride-to-be! Regardless of whether you are the bride or the couch crew...let's talk about who a bride should bring to her bridal appointment!


Our large suites can seat up to 8 people...but do you bring that many along? Usually, the answer is no. But it depends!...we're going to give you some criteria for your couch crew members. If everyone passes the test, then bring them!


First, just like any big decision, you will want to be surrounded by the people who know you well, who support you and who will be kind. ❤️ (I know that goes without saying...but we've seen A LOT of brides get discouraged by a rude comment from someone that probably shouldn't have said it 🤫)


You should bring the person/people that you feel need to be there in order to say yes to your dress! This differs for each bride, but could be mom, dad, sister, grandma. This is personal to you, so think for a minute who you would need present for that big moment! Sometimes being physically present isn't necessary! We FaceTime a lot of couch crew members into bridal appointments because of illness, schedules or distance.



Second, bring the person with you who will be making the financial decision. (Akward, I know) But if mom/dad/aunt is paying for your dress, you'll want them there with you! Along that same line, you need to have the "money conversation" before you go dress shopping. We ask each bride what their dress budget is when they book the appointment; do we do that so that we can see how high we can charge you? No way! Because of our unique appointment process, we will be pulling potential dresses based on what you're loving...and we don't want to go above that number! If we know there is a dress that you will absolutely adore, we will let you know that it is out of your price point and confirm that you do want to see it/try it on beforehand.



Third, you'll want to bring the people that are closest to you and know your personality the best! Your dress needs to feel like you, and who will know that best? Your closest family and friends! During a bridal appointment, we pretty much know it's THE dress when someone in the crew says "Oh, that dress is SO YOU!" - it's a tell tale sign 😉



How about the number of people? Should I make it a family affair and bring everyone? Should I bring all of my bridesmaids? Short answer: no.


More people means more opinions that are not yours. As the bride, your opinion matters the most! Some personalities can hear many peoples opinions and still be very sure on what they love. Other personalities cannot do that, they will consider everyone's opinions instead of focusing on their own. So this is an absolute personal preference! Know yourself and make the decision that suits you best.


If you do decide to only bring 1-2 people along, and still want everyone to be involved - this is what we recommend! ⬇️ 


After you purchase your dress, book a reveal appointment with us! We will block off a shorter appointment time for you to bring everyone in and do a big reveal of "THIS IS MY DRESS!" 🎉


We can't wait to see you and your crew (no matter how many you bring along!)



The Adore Squad