#AdoreTip | Valentine's Day with your Fiancé!

#AdoreTip | Valentine's Day with your Fiancé!

#AdoreTip | Valentine's Day with your Fiancé!. Mobile Image

Feb 01, 2022

#AdoreRealBride Megan and her husband Eric

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It's the time of year again that couples either love or dread: Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re a fan of the Hallmark holiday or not, you have to admit it’s nice to have an excuse to spend time with your partner. Safe to assume if you’re reading this, judging by the caption, you are probably engaged. 




While the classic Valentine’s Day plan is always a safe bet (flowers, chocolate, dinner, etc.), as an engaged couple, you might feel the desire to step it up. Most couples are only engaged for so long, a year or less on average, so this may be the only Valentine’s Day you’ll have with your fiancé(e) before they become your spouse!


While you can celebrate big and bold, you can also focus on making this year’s Valentine’s Day about expressing your love for your partner through your own love languages. There are five love languages: Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Acts of Service and Physical Touch. Check out this list of gifts/activities to show your fiancé(e) love in a way that speaks to them!


Words of Affirmation


The months leading up to your wedding day can be stressful. Words of affirmation during the time of engagement are more impactful than ever. Build up your fiancé(e) with heartfelt words of affirmation and remind them why you love them. Give them a handwritten note, expressing your favorite things about them. Other opportunities to share words of affirmation this Valentine’s Day include:


  • Placing prayer notes and positive reminders around the house to remind your fiancé(e) at every turn that they are loved.
  • Create a playlist of songs that make you think of your partner and play it for them. 


Receiving Gifts


Don’t let this love language deceive you - receiving gifts doesn’t mean you can grab any box of chocolates or a stuffed teddy at the last minute. It’s not even about the gifts—your partner wants to know what makes the gift special. Meaningful gifts don’t have to be expensive (save for the wedding). Meaningful gifts just show that you’ve been thinking of them throughout the day. For this love language, we recommend giving your partner a photo of the two of you. Make sure to tell them why that photo is your favorite. Some other greats ideas for those who prefer receiving gifts include:


  • A journal with meaningful quotes and notes about memories you’ve made together.
  • Order inexpensive takeout at the place they’ve been craving most recently.


Quality Time


The great thing about quality time is that it isn’t defined by whether you go out or not; it’s about how you spend time together as a couple. Focus on the quality of time spent together and think of meaningful ways to spend that time. Instead of just going to a restaurant, take a cooking class together and make a memorable dinner experience. You know as an engaged couple this won’t be the last meal you make with your fiancé(e)! Try these other ways to spend quality time together on Valentine’s Day:


  • Surprise them with a road trip—either to a local destination or make it a weekend getaway.
  • Start a new tradition. What better way to prepare for future Valentine’s Days to come as a married couple than to start your own tradition!


Acts of Service


Acts of service is the ability to check something off your partners to-do list. Whether it’s cleaning up the house, picking up a coffee from Starbucks or cooking their favorite meal speaks volumes to someone who’s love language is acts of service. Try these other acts of service for your fiancé(e):


  • Surprise them with breakfast in bed, after sleeping in of course! 
  • Scheduling them an appointment for an activity that they enjoy—nails, hair, massage, you name it!


Physical Touch


Physical touch means you prefer physical expressions of love over others, such as verbal compliments or gifts. A hug, shoulder squeeze, pat on the back and hand holding can be quite meaningful to those who appreciate physical touch. Grabbing your partner’s hand while going for a drive together reaffirms the little things that mean the most about your relationship. Some other ways to show love this Valentine’s Day through physical touch could be:


  • Going for a nature walk and holding hands.
  • Dance the night away! Put on your favorite playlist after dinner and slow dance in your living room.
  • Getting a couples massage or going to the spa together.


XOXO,  The Adore Squad