#adoretip | Live Streaming Your Wedding

#adoretip | Live Streaming Your Wedding

#adoretip | Live Streaming Your Wedding. Mobile Image

Jun 06, 2020

{Main Photo Credit: Lauren Anderson Photography & #adorerealbride Lexi Burek}


Okay friends, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many things are changing - and are forcing brides across the world to make changes to their wedding plans. Ugh, so stressful, right? Gatherings of people are currently limited, and will be...for an unforeseen amount of time. 😞 This makes it much more difficult to keep wedding plans including hundreds of guests!


One option many brides are turning to are small in-person intimate ceremonies, all while live streaming to the rest of the guest list.  Live streaming allows many more people to participate in real time without actually being there in person. 

We see this as a great solution in the current times...but...where do you start? What is the best way to do this?
Don't worry girl, we have gathered some helpful information and tips to help you navigate and get planning the LIVE streaming of your wedding day!

First, let's look at some platform options:


Google Hangouts

Typically Google Hangouts is used for conference calls, but it does also make a good option for live streaming your wedding.  There is no cost to use it, and who doesn't love FREE?  It only allows you to broadcast to a maximum of 9 people, but it streams simultaneously to YouTube.  So you will also need a Youtube account, which is also free to set up.  Having it broadcast to Youtube allows an unlimited amount of people to watch it live, or at a later time also.  You can set your video to public, private or unlisted.  Google Hangouts and Youtube are both available and easy to use on a phone or computer, making it easy for guests to connect, view, and participate virtually in your day.  Older guests may need written and delivered ahead of time directions on how to access and view.



facebook and Instagram live

Many brides are already knowledgable and comfortable with these social media platforms, and so they may seem like the obvious choice.  Many social media apps come with the "live" feature, with Instagram and Facebook being the most popular.  All you have to do it hit "live" and you are streaming to your page. This ease of streaming does come with some drawbacks however.  Streaming right to your page will be harder to manage your privacy, as anyone who can see your profile can see the video stream.  There can also be problems with live streams being stopped if there is copyrighted music being used as is stated in their policies.  



event live

Perhaps you would like more control of who sees your live stream, and aren't feeling the social media apps.  If that's you, another solid option is the EventLive app.  It is easy to stream as it works on any device, such as iPhone, Android, tablet or iPad.  The free version allows you to stream to a maximum of 5 viewers, which works if you only need a small amount of people to view.  Otherwise, if you want an unlimited amount of viewers to see your stream, it's just $50 for the upgraded version.  The "Classic" plan gives you HD resolution (so even on video, you look your best!) and includes a replay.  It also give you that unlimited amount of viewers.



Now, this is actually a wedding planning site, but offers some cool features.  When it comes to live streaming your wedding, this is definitely one to consider. You will have to have an account with Joy along with a wedding website.  Then you have a choice between YouTube or Vimeo to use as the streaming platform.  Joy will automatically broadcast your wedding through your website!  They also have the option to collect RSVPs to your livestream and will send a virtual thank you cards to the guests who attended virtually! Last but not least, it records your livestream video to save and watch later as well.  Super cool, we love these features. Oh, and did we mention it's free to use?  They have Premium Features you can upgrade to for cost.




Once you have your platform chosen - then you can think about the HOW.

You want the people viewing at home to be able to SEE you well!


Here are a few tips (from a photographer!) to get the best video on your big day! 👰


Light. Light. light!

The most IMPORTANT thing to consider with your video for live streaming is the LIGHT.  You could ask you photographer or videographer for specific tips on where to set up your device for recording, you just really want to make sure that on you and your groom there is adequate light for the video.  This may mean adding a light a few rows back from where you say "I do". A continuous light soft box, or at least all the lights on in the building.  An extra light will be necessary if you have a big window behind you, unless you want to be a black silhouette in your video. 😱



Invest in a tripod for a phone.  Handheld devices can be shaky, making it harder for your viewer to stay watching your wedding. It will help the video be smooth and easy to watch.  If you are using a computer, be sure it is secure on a table.  It is also a good idea to have it elevated.  Keep the viewers at eye level if possible.  If the recording device is positioned too low, your guests will be looking up at you.  I don't know about you girl, but I don't want guests looking up my nose!  Not to mention, it is the least flattering angle and can make people appear distorted and larger.




Have a trusted person in charge of the recording.  Have a rehearsal and do a practice live stream.  You don't want to feel the panic of it not working when the ceremony is about to start!  Having someone taking ownership of the recordings will free you up to not worry about it and enjoy getting hitched!  Plan with them ahead of time where the recording device will be at different parts of the ceremony and day.



Last, but definitely not least, be sure your ceremony site has sufficient wifi!  This again will be good to test out ahead of time, before the big day.  If the signal isn't super strong, there are are few things you could do:

  -Ask everyone attending ahead of time to make sure their wifi is turned off

  -Purchase a signal booster and plug it in between the router and location of your ceremony (with the venue's permission of course)

  -Use someone else's phone as a hotspot right next to the recording device


Live streaming is a great way to bring everyone together for your wedding day.  We hope your day goes smoothly, and don't forget we are here to help with everything to do with your gown and accessories.


If you're still looking for your wedding dress, be sure to check out our AdoreBrideBoxes! We are continuing to offer virtual bridesmaid & tux appointments! And if you're a current bride and you need anything at all from us, text for an appointment!  We love helping you look and feel your best for the day you say "I do" ❤️



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