#adoretip | Kids at your wedding?

#adoretip | Kids at your wedding?

#adoretip | Kids at your wedding?. Mobile Image

Nov 07, 2020

Kids or no kids...that is the question, or at least one of the questions that couples have to decide on as they plan for their wedding day.

Now, we are not talking about your own children, or even your niece or nephew.  Rather, do you open up the invitation for guests to bring their children to your celebration.  For some of you brides, this is an easy decision. You may be someone who just adores children and can never be around them enough! And on top of that, you have a lot of friends and family with your favorite little people, so a "yes" to kids is easy.  For others of you, you envision your day with more adult activities and figuring out entertainment for kids is not something you want to add to your list or think about. A "No" is then easy for you.  Probably, most of you however may fall somewhere in the middle.  You have friends with darling kiddos, but you have a very grown up event envisioned for your day. So, to help you out, here are some pros and cons of kids at weddings.  


- Kids can bring a playfulness & youthfulness no one else can.
You can always count on kids to help guests get up out of their chairs and join them on the dance floor!  They bring an energy and level of fun & cuteness wherever they go.  This free spirited nature of children may help you, and your guests, to relax and have some fun.  So, for the general atmosphere of your wedding day, kids can add that extra touch of whimsy.

- It is a creative outlet
If you would love another outlet for you as a visionary, having kids at your wedding is a great way to add another chance for you to get creative in your planning.  Whether is be with activities such as a scavenger hunt and table games to match your event, or any other cute idea to help occupy and enhance your smallest guests time at your wedding!  


-Your guests find it gracious

While many parents will hire a babysitter anyway, they will still appreciate the gesture.  The parents who cannot get a babysitter will be grateful because their kids are welcome.  This means these guests do not have to miss your special day & can celebrate with you!  And if you think about it, some kids' fondest memories go back to attending a wedding at a young age.  You may even inspire and make a positive impression on them about love and commitment. 

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-Kids spread germs...and right now....COVID

Any wedding planning happening here in 2020 and into 2021, we have to consider this dreaded COVID-19 pandemic.  It has caused many weddings to be postponed, rescheduled, and guest lists to be reduced drastically.  It has been frustrating as local guidelines and rules have changed multiple times.  If you have great grandma coming so you can get that generation picture with hands & wedding rings, you may not want extra kids to be there and increase the risk of exposure.  This is really something to think about.

-You will lose parents at varying times throughout the day
Know that if your guests bring kids, especially younger kids, that those parents will have to step out at random times to take their child to the bathroom, settle them or let them run around.  If there are babies, they will have to step aways for feedings, diaper changes or to stop them from crying.  Parents often have to operate on their kids schedule.  So these parents may miss some of the special moments, or you will have to break up some time with that cousin or old college roommate you haven't seen in years.

With kids come fun and energy, but they also bring another level of noise. There is no other way to say it.  A baby may start to cry during your vows, there may be joyful running and screaming around the dance floor. It's just the reality. Most likely, the noise level will overall be a little louder with a slew of little guests.



We hope if you were still figuring this part of your day out, that you found these helpful to consider as you decide.  And remember, whatever you decide, it will be perfect, because it is the day you are marrying the love of your life!  WOO HOO!



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