#adoretip |Updating your Wedding to a Different Season

#adoretip |Updating your Wedding to a Different Season

#adoretip |Updating your Wedding to a Different Season. Mobile Image

Jun 10, 2020


Are you one of the many brides whose wedding date was affected by Covid-19?  We know so many of our #adorerealbrides were!  Many of ya'll had to make the decision to push your wedding back -perhaps from spring to fall, or summer to next spring.  This doesn't mean you have to rethink and replan your whole wedding though!  We would put together some tips on how honor your original plans, but easily transform those details to reflect the season of your new wedding date.  (Main Image Photo Credit: Pam Cooley)


Let's start with a big one - the Color Palette

  Just because you have changed seasons, does not mean you have to change all the colors.  Most likely, you can keep your main color the same, but adjust the accent and complimentary colors to better fit the new season.  For instance, if you had a spring date with lilac and pale green, keep the lilac.  To warm it up for an autumn date add rich warm colors to compliment, such as a deep plum and/or mustard yellow.  If you had blush pinks with ivory, compliment the pink with an emerald green or navy blue.
  Once you have tweeked the color palette, here are some ideas on how you can incorporate these into your details:

  • Add little touches of these colors in your table runners or napkins.  This can go a long way in transforming the feel of the reception from summer to winter.  Or even if you keep the runner your original main color, but change the texture.  If you are going from summer to winter - make it a velvet ribbon, or colored burlap!
  • Think fruit!  Adding seasonal fruits to the centerpiece is a very easy way to match your new season!  Some fruits that immediately give you a feel for their season are: figs, plums, pears and shiny apples, yummy & pretty!
  • These new accent colors can easily be incorporated into your stationary as well.  Maybe even leaving most of it as it is but adding a ribbon or stamp with one of your new more seasonal colors.
  • You don't need to change your dresses, but perhaps add a jacket or cape if you have moved your date to a colder season.
  • The tuxes are usually not difficult to make changes to.  Perhaps change the color of the shirt, or of the bow tie or pocket square.  You could also go for a different feel and consider a different fabric.  Perhaps a tweed or velvet may be more appropriate for your new date?

 Photo: Madi Fox.   #adorerealbride: Laken


    Flowers - you will most definitely want to chat with your florist on what changes can be made to your bouquet.  You want to know that the flowers you want to have on your day will be able to get for you on your new date.  You may have to change the main flowers you wanted, but you can still stick to your main  colors and design aesthetic.  Just swap out a few items with your new accent color.  An example could be exchanging peonies for ranunculus and gardenias, which is a similar look!  Your florist should have many great ideas for you.
If you are going from summer to fall or winter, please don't think you have to go for duller colors, you can totally keep them bright! Vibrant colors like orange, yellow, and fuscia can be incorporated for in winter and fall bouquets!  Keeping this in mind, don't plough ahead with the original flower scheme if it just doesn't feel right.  Be open to embracing the flowers and foliage of the season for a nice, natural, harmonious look.


    What about the party favors?  If you have already purchased these, you may have to get super creative.  Your options are to return them (if they are not personalized), sell them (eBay for the win), take the loss or just simply use humor with them!  For example, if you bought something very summery, such as fans or sunglasses...well add a note with them that says "Hey, we'll all still be cool in June!"  Just go with it! 


   Now, if you are keeping your venue which includes an outdoor area, all is not lost if now your wedding is in a cooler month! Make the most of the space with blankets, heaters or maybe even a fire pit.  Another thing to keep in mind with your venue, be sure to ask if they are going to have seasonal decorations up.  You may want to use those, or request them taken down during your event.  For instance, in the winter if the venue has Christmas decorations up and you are not doing red or anything to do with that holiday. 



Photo: Stephanie Wood Photography


  Alright, now let's talk about some DRINKS and, of course, the food too.
Talk with your cater.  Perhaps the main dish is good to stay the same, just swapping out some side dishes. If your wedding has switched to a cooler month, perhaps you will want to opt for a heartier main course. Maybe you want to change the chicken to a beef with rich buttery mashed potatoes or other root vegetables.  Your caterer will be able to make great suggestions in substitutes that fit your budget.   

  Hey, the drinks!  Hang on girl, we won't forget to talk about the drinks! We know people love to enjoy alcohol in ANY season.  When it comes to wine, your guests will often prefer red wine over white in the winter, so you may need to reconsider how many bottles of each you are ordering.  

And for cocktails, you may want to change these too.  Again, if you are now having a fall or winter wedding instead of in the summer, think about offering long drinks to sip as opposed to the summery spritzers and G&Ts.  Some good long drinks could include Cinnamon-spiced Moscow Mules, Whiskey Sours or Winter Primm's.


  We can't wait to see how all your rescheduled weddings turn out!  We wish you all the best and hope these tips help you transition your perfect day into an alternate season!



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