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May 02, 2022

Creating your guest list can be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning - but we're hoping to relive some stress with some wedding guest list tips! ⬇️
Tip #1: Start with the basics! ✨ Determine your max # of guests based on your budget and size of your venue. Write that number down and stick to it!
Tip #2: Kids or no kids? ✨ Determine this early on in the process. You'll want to know the total number of guests per family as you go along.
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Tip #3: Plus ones or no? ✨ Again, determine early on in the process. Set stipulations for friends that haven't tied the knot yet. 💍 Engaged? Automatic plus one. ❤️ Dating? Only a plus one if they've been dating for 6 months or more. Etc. If you've never even met the plus one, you shouldn't feel obligated to invite them.
Tip #4: Where to draw the line? ✨ If you haven't regularly seen or talked to friends in 2+ years, don't invite them. If you have MIA family members that you also haven't talked to in several years, don't invite them.
Tip #5: Your parent's list ✨ Likely, both sets of parents will have a list of family or friends in their social circle they'll want to invite. If your parents are paying for all or some of the wedding, consider their list and talk to them about why each person is invited. If you or your fiancé have never met this person, they likely don't need an invite to your wedding. Tackle each guest on a case-by-case basis
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Tip #6: Final thoughts ✨ Get a notebook and write down a list of everyone you have considered inviting. Count how many guests are on the list and compare with the total guest count you determined in tip #1 - how many do you need to eliminate? Go down the list and see if they fit the criteria above...they don't? Cross them off!
(When making your list, walk through your family, your friends & coworkers, in-laws family, fiancé's friends and coworkers, etc)
Happy Guest List Making! 


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