#adoretip | Finding the Right Photographer

#adoretip | Finding the Right Photographer

#adoretip | Finding the Right Photographer. Mobile Image

May 23, 2021

Hey friend! It's #adoresquad member, Cori, here.  Aside from working with the amazing Adore & SBB Staff and helping all of our brides remotely, I am also a photographer! I want to share a few tips with ya'll that I have come to find are very important for a bride while choosing who will capture her day! 


Find Your Style

Take some time to look at others' wedding pictures, and decide on what style you like, and also what you don't like.  Every photographer is an artist, and so will have a style that comes through in their photos.  Some photographers use certain filters on many photos, giving off certain moods.  Some are only natural light and use no flash.  Some photographers will edit in a darker and/or moody style while others gravitate to bright colors.  You can get a feel for a photographers style by going through their portfolio (they should have one online) and their Instagram page.  If you are someone drawn to bright, colorful pictures, then you don't want to hire someone whose natural esthetic is more moody.
Here is an example:



 The first photo is taken by me Cori B Photography - I gravitate to color and higher contrast.  The second photo is taken by another photographer local to me who tends to shoot a little darker and less contrast. Little Blue Bird Photography
Both are pretty, but you can see how there is a difference in style.


Here is another example, first by me and second by Little Blue Bird Photography





Find a Professional


The photographers market has been flooded with a lot of hobbiest, and people who have bought a camera and call themselves photographers.  Nothing wrong with this! I love people pursuing creative outlets and learning as they go! 
So, my comment here really is that your wedding day happens once, there isn't a do-over or reschedule for pictures, and you will get what you pay for. Photography is not where you want to cut the budget. A photographer who charges $2500 a day, versus uncle Bob with his kit lens taking photos for free, or $200 - there will be a HUGE difference in the photo's you end up with.  A professional will have experience, be able to take beautiful photos in ANY and EVERY light situation, be more prepared to make quick adjustments, know how to facilitate the pictures on your day and have high quality images you can print large for your home.  Without a professional, you may end up with dark, blurry images and possibly miss moments that were important.  I have had people bring me digital files asking if I can edit/save them, and it breaks my heart.  


Personality Fit


Meet your photographer and sign the contract in person.  This is something I do and I think is important! Make sure that your personality and the photographers personality is a good fit.  If you are a super laid back bride, a high energy type A personality may stress you out a bit on your wedding day...who wants that?  Your photographer will be with you most of your wedding day, so make sure that you mesh!


 The first photo is me behind the lens working. The second image is me capturing the fun personality of this bride getting ready with her something blue.  Our personalities worked so great together she was comfortable letting me take a shot like this!



Decide what is Most Important


Think about after the wedding.  What are the most important memories that you want to have captured? Then communicate those with your photographer.  Think about images you will want in an album, which pictures you will want to print.  If you really only want to print a family picture of you and your groom with both families, maybe you can skip individual photos with each aunt & uncle, giving you more photo time for pictures of just the two of you. Make a list, and the photographer cannot gauruntee every moment caught, but it let's them know what is most important to you. 


Take a look through our Instagram feed, we have many images taken by local IL photographers that do amazing work! We are truly so lucky to be flooded with talented photographers in our area!


There you go! I hope you find this helpful if you are still looking for that photographer! I know I'm bias, but I do believe it is one of the most important choices you make regarding your day. First being WHO you are marrying, perhaps next being your dress, and then WHO is going to document and capture your day.


Cori and the Adore Squad