#adoretip | How do I match my gown to my venue?

#adoretip | How do I match my gown to my venue?


Hey girl, are you worried about finding a dress to match your venue or theme? Here is our honest option! 

(Pssst.....you DON'T have to!)


MYTH: Wearing a ballgown is only appropriate for a certain venues
⬇️ Hear us out!
So many brides come in saying things like, “I’m getting married in a barn...so I need something ‘rustic’ ” -or- “I’m only having 25 people at my ceremony, so I should find a more casual dress” 🙅‍♀️ WRONG!!⠀

Wear 👏 What 👏 You 👏 Want!

Bottom line! 🛑 It truly doesn’t matter where you’re getting married, we’ve seen brides wear ballgowns on mountain elopements -and- big sparkly ruffle skirts at their barn weddings -and- a simple dress in a fancy cathedral! Guess what!? They were all beautiful and perfect!

















Photographer: Heavens Storm Photography

#adorerealbride: Erika Kruzan


Your dress fits YOUR personality. You need to feel beautiful & confident. You cannot do that in a dress that feels like it was meant for someone else (or your venue) 👗.  I mean...if you’re getting married in a barn and that rustic lace, flowy gown fits your personality...go for it! 🙌🏼 But if you’re getting married in the middle of the woods, and you fall madly in love with a gown covered in beading and sparkled. YES! Do it!
















Photographer: Kara Kamienski
#adorerealbride: Megan Funke


All we are saying here is...your wedding is uniquely you. Don’t do things just because other people tell you it’s “what you should do” 😘 Wear what you love & makes you feel good. That's it!!


Photographer: Morgan Rachel Photography    #adorerealbride: Amy Romane



So come on in, let's get some dresses on you and get you the dress you love and deserve for YOUR day!




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