#adoretip | A 💌 Letter to our COVID Brides

#adoretip | A 💌 Letter to our COVID Brides

#adoretip | A 💌 Letter to our COVID Brides. Mobile Image

Oct 28, 2020

A 💌  Letter to our COVID Brides...

Hey gorgeous. Wedding planning is hard - it takes a lot of patience, tons of organization and a good deal of wine! 😉

We know that a global pandemic isn't something you planned to add to this stressful time in your life, and scheduling (then rescheduling) your wedding is NOT ideal 🤍

We know that you are taking the brunt of the work and mental anguish to make your day perfect. Please be kind to yourself. Focus your thoughts on how to make your big day perfect for *you & your hubby* and not what you think your guests want to eat or sit on or do during happy hour.

This is coming from a married mama who said yes to her man MANY moons ago. I promise you, your day will be perfect. It will be memorable. It will be beautiful and so special. Even if your bridal party doesn't stay perfectly on schedule OR if you don't finish the 200 DIY wedding favors you're planning OR if your caterer pours juice for everyone instead of champagne for the toasts (true story).🍾

It. Will. Be. PERFECT. 🙌 Everyone's perfect looks different. Embrace that something small will inevitably go wrong - and it will not ruin your day. It will just add to your story!

Our challenge to you - do these 5 things right now:

  1. Write down the 3 experiences you are most looking forward to on your wedding day
  2. Appoint someone to be your sanity check...a friend or family member...to talk to about your struggles. Then you can tell them your thoughts then ask them "Am I being ridiculous? Is everything going to be ok?" Because likely, their answer will be yes. And you need to hear that.
  3. Give your fiancé a list of tasks that they can take on for you
  4. Self-care! What do you enjoy doing for yourself? Do that. Plan for some time to yourself that will help you re-charge. We all deserve that...but all of you brides out there...this time is wild and you need it a bit more!
  5. Be realistic with yourself. Are you stressed about DIY projects? Eliminate some of them or enlist help. Are you stressed about finances? Reign in on the extras and focus on what matters. Make a budgeting spreadsheet and have an honest conversation with your fiancé or parents...whoever is helping financially


All this to say, girl YOU'VE GOT THIS! 👰 Hang in there! Try to slow down and enjoy this engagement. Try not to focus solely on your wedding day and focus more on the growth between you & your fiancé. Take a deep breath. Be kind to yourself. You are amazing! 



The Adore Squad