#adoretip | 13 Ways to Slash Your Wedding Budget

#adoretip | 13 Ways to Slash Your Wedding Budget

#adoretip | 13 Ways to Slash Your Wedding Budget. Mobile Image

Mar 11, 2019

The average cost of a wedding in the United States in over $35,000. That’s a lot of money, and it can be really easy for your wedding to become very expensive! SO, here at Adore, we wanted to share some of our favorite tricks as a way to help you stay within your budget, but also still have the wedding of your dreams!

1) Throw an intimate rehearsal dinner
Instead of having an expensive night out, invite your closest family and friends over for a causal outdoor barbecue. By keeping your rehearsal dinner low-key and super-small, you have more money to spend on the wedding itself. Plus, what better way to celebrate than with your closest people around in a place that feels like home!

2) Shop at Home (or a friend’s home)
We all have that one friend with really great style (maybe it’s you). Ask if you can borrow some of their home decor whether it’s vases, candles, or special toast glasses for the big day. This way you save on some decor expenses, but don’t sacrifice any style!

3) Cut it Out
Stay up to date on the weekly coupons for decor and DIY for stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Over the course of your engagement, there are bound to be some good deals…plus Hobby Lobby offers 40% off one item daily, so space out your purchases!

4) Pay with Plastic
There are so many options for credit cards that offer points or money back for every dollar spent. Consider opening up a credit card or using one you have to accumulate points from big purchases such as the photographer, venue, dress, etc. You can use these points to get some money back for other areas of your wedding or save up for a free flight to your honeymoon destination!

5) Choose an Off-Day
Even though the popularity is growing, it is still can save you some money if you decide to have your wedding on a Friday instead of Saturday. Don’t have a preference for the time of year? Many venues also offer deals and discounts if you book a weekend during their slower season.

6) Hire a Wedding Planner
Yes, these seems a little contradictory as wedding planners do cost more money up-front. However, planners can work with you to help you stay within your budget since they know local vendors and are able to negotiate deals. Also, running your purchases through an outside source like a planner may reduce some splurge or unnecessary purchases.

7) Double Decorations as Party Favors
Rather than spending money on centerpieces you will not use after your big day, incorporate something your guests can take with them as their party favor. Maybe it’s a candle or a vase of flowers; don’t be afraid to get creative and kill two birds with one stone!

8) Make it Personal
One great Pinterest trick is to gather Mason jars from friends and family and put pictures of you and your fiancé in each jar as part of your centerpiece. You could also do some of your family’s wedding photos as seen in the picture below! The cost is essentially nothing, and it adds a really personal touch to each table!

9) Bribe your BFFs
Since saving money often involves some hand labor, bride your girls to help you out! Throw a spa night or cocktail party as you work on centerpieces or party favors. It’s a great way to create memories, get stuff done, and of course…save money!!

10) Leave a Message
Often couples will decide to order an album from their photographer with their engagement photos. Have your photographer throw in some extra pages and use it as a guest book at your wedding! It’s cute and gives you double the use for your purchase.

11) Raise the Bar
If you plan to serve alcohol, have your bartender offer beer, wine, and two signature cocktails. Consider naming the cocktails something unique or special to you and your fiancé. This will save money in comparison to a full open bar and guests will be raving about your clever drinks.

12) Do a Dessert Table
Want to have lots of options for guests to choose from besides cake? Have close friends and family each bring a dish to share at your dessert table and include their name by their dish. Your guests will love the variety and you will love the savings!

13) Get Thrifty
Did someone say vintage?? You may be surprised all the pretty things you could find at Goodwill or local thrift stores to add this vintage touch to your wedding. Not going for a more traditional look? Check out retailers that allow you to buy or rent gently used decor items. Consider selling some of your items on these sites after your wedding as a way to get some money back!



These are just a few ways that aren’t too complicated, but could save you thousands of dollars when planning! We hope you found a few ideas that you can incorporate for your big day!
The Adore Staff