#adoreTIP | 10 Things Every Bride Should do the Week of Her Wedding

#adoreTIP | 10 Things Every Bride Should do the Week of Her Wedding

#adoreTIP | 10 Things Every Bride Should do the Week of Her Wedding. Mobile Image

Sep 13, 2019

The week of your wedding can be an exciting yet stressful time. All the planning and preparation has led up to this moment. While you are so close to your honeymoon (and hopefully some relaxing), there are a few things that you can do the week of your wedding to ensure that your big day goes as smoothly as possible for you and your guests. Here are the ones we think are most important! 


1. Break in Your Shoes

This tip is espeically important if you are wearing heels for any part of your big day. You want to make sure you can walk down that aisle with confidence. Plus, some shoes are just more comfortable the more times you wear them! 


2. Finish any Last Minute Work Projects 

Start the week by responding to emails and finishing up any last minute things at your job. Let your co-workers know its your wedding week, so they will not overwhelm you with more tasks. Plus, you want to feel on top of things rather than behind as you go into your wedding weekend. 


3. Chase down any guests that have not RSVPed 

No matter how many times you say it...you will still have guests that have not RSVPed (if you are a guest, don't be that person). Reach out to those people one more time so you have a finalized number and no surprises on your big day, 


4. Pack an "Emergency" Kit

You can buy one or create one yourself. You’ll want to include things like band aids, nail file, hair spray, pain killers, tampons, a small sewing kit, and extra makeup. You just never know when you may need something, and you do not want to be scrambling for something little on your wedding day!


5. Practice your vows outloud 

Whether you are reading your own or going the more traditional route, practice saying them outloud so you are confident and clear during your big day. This takes a few minutes but can make a huge difference during your ceremony and easing your nerves beforehand. 


6. Check in with your In-Laws

Make sure that family is taken care of. Double check especially with in-laws that they have no questions or concerns going into your big day. If you get a chance, you could also reach out to other close guests to be sure they are excited, but don't worry if you don't get to it! 


7. Assign a Social Media Helper for you big day

Have a family member or a bridesmaid take on the role of social media for the day! This person can snap a few memories throughout the day to post on Instagram or SnapChat - make sure they tag your vendors, use their hashtags (#adorerealbride) and of course your wedding hashtag. Ask your social media helper to encourage wedding guests to use your wedding hashtag too! While you will get professional photos from your photographer, it's fun to have some silly videos or pictures of guests throughout the night. 


8. Clean Your House

After your wedding, the last thing you will want to come home to is a messy house. Get things clean and in order so you can come back after your wedding or honeymoon and RELAX. Who doesn't love coming home to a clean house?! 


9. Spend Time with your Future Spouse 

I mean this seems obvious, but you do not want to overlook it. This day is about you guys! Make sure you get some time in between all the craziness to spend time with your fiance. He can help calm your nerves and remind you what this day is really all about! 


10. Relax & Breath 

However you relax, do that. Yoga, a bubblebath, a nap...whatever relaxes you! It can be easy to get overwhelmed, so don't let a fun week turn into a stressful one! Take time for you and your health! 


If it's the week of your wedding, CONGRATS! We hope this blog can ease the mind of some of our #adorerealbrides. If everything doesn't get done, don't stress! The most important things are the special moments between you and your husband!



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