#adoreinspo| What Ceremony Style Are You?

#adoreinspo| What Ceremony Style Are You?. Mobile Image

Aug 24, 2019

What ceremony style are you?


Every bride has their own style, so it makes sense that every wedding ceremony is a little different. Having a hard time deciding what ceremony style fits you and your groom the best? Below are some personality characteristics that often work well with their corresponding ceremony style…you might not perfectly fit into one category, but it could help you narrow down some options! 


Blue skies & Sea Breeze

beach .jpg

This might be your ceremony style if you…

*Are laid back

*Are easy-going 

*Do not want a lot of attention or “fuss” 

*Value experiences over things 

*Are up-beat and love to laugh



Moody Romance


This might be your ceremony style if you…

* Prefer intimate gatherings 

* Identify as nontraditional 

* Are a hopeless romantic 

* Tend to be more serious

* Love to daydream 



Minimalistic Modern 

Ceremony Vibe 1.jpg

This might be your ceremony style if you…

* Love keeping up on the latest and greatest trends

* Are not detail oriented 

* Your Instagram has a strong aesthetic 

* Find clean lines satisfying 

* Are more practical 


Bohemian Vibes 


This might be your ceremony style if you…

*Identify as a free-spirit 

*Enjoy nature and spending time outdoors 

*Consider yourself as unique or hipster

*Have a strong care for all things eco-friendly and recycled 

*Are chill and low-stress


Lovely Love

Ceremony Vibe 2.jpg

This might be your ceremony style if you…

* Love to plan

* Hold a high value on tradition 

* Plan to incorporate thoughtful details 

* Are organized 

* Smile often 


All these personality traits are just some ways to get you thinking about what kind of ceremony vibe might best fit you! However, there are SO many more options than these and so many other factors that go into creating your custom ceremony style. We hope that this helped get the ball rolling! 



The Adore Staff