#adoreinspo | Black is the new White

#adoreinspo | Black is the new White

#adoreinspo | Black  is the new White. Mobile Image

Oct 27, 2020

Photographer: Taylor Katina's Photography



Have you ever considered a wedding dress color besides ivory or white? Some designers are putting out some gorgeous black gowns, and we love them!  Now, we know it won't be for everyone, but we want to showcase it! So, let's take a look!


Recently, our own #adorerealbride Jayme Luster rocked her wedding in our stunning black gown.  Her men wore black as well, and it has us swooning.






Are you loving the black look yet? I know we are!  And here a few more images of a black dress we can get you in from a stylized shoot this summer!



Styled Shoot Credits: 

Photographer: Taylor Katina's Photography Models: Jesse & Sarah Peterson Forpetersonsake Bride & Groom Attire: Styled by Adore Bridal and Speciality Tux: Styled by us, from Jim's Formal Wear Co. Hair & Makeup: Olivia with Pair Bridal Groom’s ring, sunglasses, gloves & blanket: Rambler Beard on point thanks to Succulent Natural Skin Care Flowers: Strawflower Floral Bar & drinks: Clink - Mobile Bar Earrings: handmade by The Winsome Poppy Second shooter: Lex Poulakos: Photographer



Now, if you like things dark, and want to take it all black - here a few inspirational ideas on how to do that!  Go for a black cake and add in your pop of color!  Have black invitations, or wrap them with black ribbon (maybe even a black velvet!). Black candles can be used in centerpieces, and black tulle can be used for chair bows.  Go even darker with a "Till Death to us Part" theme, perfect for a wedding date around Halloween.







Now, just because you go with a black dress does not mean you have to go dark for your whole wedding! I mean remember Jayme's images at the beginning of this blog, her girls in light dresses and so many smiles and fun being had as they celebrate.  But if you wanted to, you totally could add a darker twist to the whole event.


We hope you have enjoyed looking at these inspiration ideas, and don't be afraid to go for what YOU like on your wedding day.  It's YOUR day, all about you and your husband, and if you don't want traditional white, we can get you in something more fitting and so beautiful!



The Adore Squad