#adoreinspo|5 Wedding Reception Ideas Besides Dancing

#adoreinspo|5 Wedding Reception Ideas Besides Dancing

#adoreinspo|5 Wedding Reception Ideas Besides Dancing. Mobile Image

Jul 11, 2019

Everyone loves a killer dance floor, but your reception fun doesn’t have to stop there. Celebrations are more interactive and creative than ever with couples wanting to be sure the party keeps going, and they create memories to last a lifetime. Here are 5 fun trends we have been seeing couples incorporate into their wedding receptions.


1] Play Games

Daytime weddings have never been more trendy, but maybe it’s hard to get the dance floor going early in the afternoon. If you are outdoors, yard games are a great way to get guests involved. Set up croquet, giant Jenga, or bocce ball. Combine this with live music and cocktails and your guests are sure to have a blast!


2] Ask an Artist to Paint the Room

How amazing is this?! Hire an artists to come and paint your guests during the reception. It’s fun to watch the picture form as the night goes on. Plus, it’s a perfect keep-sake for you and your husband to remember this moment. A win-win for everyone!


3] Offer a Build-Your-Own Cocktail Bar

Have the bartender mix up the base beverage such as gin and tonic, then guests can add their own garnishes from a herb or botanical station. Or, you could even do a custom martini bar! SO FUN!


4] Karaoke with a Live Band

Here’s what Brides magazine had to say about this trend and we thought it was spot on: “Karaoke at a wedding might not be your first thought but hear us out: Host live band karaoke. “Take what you love about karaoke and throw out what you hate,” says Jeremy Davis of Equinox Orchestra, who offers this as a service to their couples. The band works with the couple ahead of time to come up with a set list based on their guests’ favorite songs. When karaoke kicks off, usually in the last hour of the reception, guests can jump on stage and sing along with the help of lyrics on an iPad. “Our ringleaders are there to help those that are good at singing or awful at singing make it through the tunes with the band,” he adds.”


5] Offer Some Cool Desserts

Nitrogen Ice Cream. Ever had it? If you haven’t, you will be blown away and your guests will be too! How it works: Ice cream is flash frozen with liquid nitrogen, which looks like magic to someone watching the liquid turn to a creamy mass that looks and feels like Haagen Dazs. Companies like 321Chillz will come onsite with all the equipment to serve inventive flavors like Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir and RumChata and Fireball. Bon appetit!


We hope you found at least one idea to add to your big day! All of these are such great ways to get everyone involved and create lasting memories!



The Adore Staff