adoreinspiration | 2019 Floral Trends

adoreinspiration | 2019 Floral Trends

adoreinspiration | 2019 Floral Trends. Mobile Image

Apr 22, 2019

Influenced by the seasons, design styles, and personal preferences, floral trends are ever-changing. It only makes sense that the same will happen in 2019. Here are some of our predictions for this upcoming year, so 2019 brides LISTEN UP!

1) Classic with a modern twist

All white is always timeless choice. However, this bouquet has a modern twist. Rather than the usual white roses or white peonies, perhaps consider going for something more unique like freesia and lily of the valley. Going with an all-white arrangement, while using non-traditional florals, can give the impression of a conventional bouquet while still looking fresh and elegant.

2) Polished Boho

Photographer: Dani Lang Photography

Boho styles will always be around, but we think they will be more tame this year. While the greenery is still overflowing, it is not as drastic as we have seen in previous years. In typical boho fashion, there are a few soft pops of color throughout the bouquet which are super stunning and will continue this year. Some soft colors we expect to see include dusty rose, slate blue, lots of green, and perhaps even some burnt orange.

3) Single Bloom

I mean how fun yet simple is this?! Brides are all about greenery, so why not dominate your bouquet with various green leaves and allow one flower to be the center piece of your arrangement. This is great trend if you have a specific flower you love, and want to show off! Plus, this is a super original 2019 trend, so it’s a great way to speak your personal style into your big day and surprise your guests with something they haven’t seen in previous wedding seasons.

4) Seasonal Blooms

Photographer: Schilling Photography

It’s no secret that certain flowers are in season at various times of the year. However, how amazing is it that this #adorerealbride incorporated strong fall elements such as leaves, bushes, and autumn tones into her flowers?! We predict that in 2019 more brides will really highlight the nature around them for whichever season they are getting married. I mean what if you are a 2019 winter bride and you put some icicles in your arrangement…the creativity and options are really endless!

5) Romantic Arches

Photographer: Kelsey Marie Photography

We saw this in 2018, and we think it will be around for this 2019 wedding season. While the popular colors and flowers may change a bit, the idea of an arch is still very popular among brides. We love it because it really gives you a chance to make it your own style. For example, this #adorerealbride has more a romantic boho feel to her arch. However, if it were an all white arrangement, the style would be classic and clean. Therefore, it really gives brides to transition this trend in to 2019 and add their personal touch!

6) Clean & Minimalistic

We are seeing a lot of brides wanting a very simple look this season. In fact, this gives off the low maintenance bride vibes; like the flowers were picked right before the ceremony! Uneven stems and imperfect flowers are simply just part of this floral choice. This really gives brides and their party a chance to shine and let the flowers take a more simple turn. However, these flowers are still so so pretty!

As a 2019 bride, if you loved one of these trends, we can’t wait to see how you will incorporate them into your wedding. As a local business, we always encourage our brides to shop local! There are many local vendors who can help you recreate some of these looks. If you are not sure who to contact, don’t hesitate to reach out as we would love to give you a few recommendations!



The Adore Staff