Adore Bride Box | Featured in the News!

Adore Bride Box | Featured in the News!

Adore Bride Box | Featured in the News!. Mobile Image

Apr 22, 2020


As we head into May, we wanted to take a look back at one of the biggest things to happen with us in April 2020

- the LAUNCH of our Adore Bride Box!

Janice had this crazy idea for a few years now, but that since brides could not come in to the store for the Adore Experience for finding the perfect wedding dress due to COVID-19, perhaps we could send it to your door!  And so...the in-home try on experience was born.  We knew brides would find their dresses in this non-traditional way, but who knew that brides would LOVE IT!  So many brides have said "YES" to the dress they Adore by trying on dresses in their home with our virtual assistance.  It's has been so cool as we have been able to continue serving brides, it's absolutely what we live for!!

Not only has this been well received, but as others have heard about how our fearless leader, Janice, has been creative and working so hard to keep her business going during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have wanted interviews with her!  She has truly been an inspiration, a pioneer - along with her amazing staff helping her make this happen.  

  First, Janice got to share about the AdoreBrideBox on the local TV stations. The WMBD News in Peoria, IL was the first to share on April 5th on the 5:30 and 9pm broadcast!  Then the same night our story was shared on air at WYZZ! Pretty cool to see our hard work make the news!
  Later in the month, on April 23rd, the Chicago Tribune also interviewed Janice for an article about how couples can stay on track for their weddings by going virtual. Click HERE to read the article.  Now, please know that Janice always has our brides well being in mind - and she didn't do this to make headline news...she set the AdoreBrideBox in motion because she cares so much about helping brides - it's for you all!  Plus, she's a great boss and wanted to do all she could for her squad during this time.


Oh, but this is Janice we are talking about, so of course there is a little more!  She has been SHARING her successes with other Bridal Store owners across the country & world to encourage and help them to keep going and serving brides during this pandemic.  It's really quite remarkable!


So, we share all of this to let you know we aren't going anywhere.  Our fearless & chatty Janice works hard for all of us, thinks outside the box and will go to any length to be there for you, our brides!  So shop with confidence, join our #adorerealtribe for continued support after saying yes to the dress you Adore.  Please know that we are here, and will continue to be here - to serve you! 



The Adore Squad